Mr. Miles’ unexpected talent

In the Middle

KO students know Mr. Clayton Miles as a Form Dean, a science teacher, a swim coach and a sports photographer. However, what most don’t know is that he has another hobby, which is woodworking.

Mr. Miles has been making items out of wood since he was very young.“I started woodworking when I was eight or nine and I got my first 35 millimeter camera in seventh grade,” he said.

Mr. Miles lives in a house that is close to 120 years old. He takes pride in the projects he builds and repairs, and enjoys creating new objects. “Mostly I did projects in our house. I built our TV cabinet in our entertainment room in our house,” he said.

“I built a good amount of wiggie chairs which I have pictures of, and pretty much any basic carpentry in our house I have made,” he said.

Mr. Miles also makes items that he uses daily. He enjoys having them around the house. Mr. Miles works with a variety of different woods and enjoys the challenges each one provides. “I do a lot of building my wood [picture] frames. They are made of hardwood, soft wood, or barn wood that I normally keep for myself or I give them away as presents,” he said.

He often shares what he has made with people other than his family. Despite his skill at building, Mr. Miles acknowledges that he can always learn more about his craft.

“I just love figuring stuff out and working with my hands, and looking at the final project. I wish I was better at finishes like varnishing and staining and all that which is something I don’t know much about.

“Also I wish I had a nice table saw which I don’t,” he said.

Mr. Miles has benefitted from his passion for woodworking. He recommends it to anyone who enjoys working with their hands.