Fashionista of the month: Tim Cotter


Fashionista senior Tim Cotter certainly shows off his tremendous style everyday. Tim loves to shop at several stores, including Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Pacsun.

Some accessories that Tim owns that he considers his favorites are his Louis Vuitton belt, two chain necklaces, and New Balance sneakers.

From his other clothing options, he can most likely be seen wearing red, blue, and other multicolor arrays.

Although Tim loves to make fashion statements at school, he said he often feels restricted by the dress code. That’s why outside of school, he likes to show his appreciation for street clothes to help feel relaxed and satisfied.

Tim’s risky fashion sense is inspired by several rappers that are constantly searching for new looks and trends. Some rappers that he looks up to include Migos and Drake.

Tim would consider himself to be a trendsetter, especially in the windbreaker category.

“I love to wear windbreakers because of their good storage and they keep me insulated,” he said.

“They are also comfortable and I have a good variety of colors so I can wear them with anything. I am a walking Yeti cooler.”

He can often be seen wearing windbreakers from brands such as Nike and Champion.

In addition, he loves the fall time because the temperature is cool so he has plenty of opportunities to show his windbreakers off.

Due to the daily dress code, though, he usually must veer away from streetwear and instead wear flannels, bean boots, and several different Khaki pants.

Tim explained that even though he dislikes the dress code and usually dresses casually or comfortably, he does like dress up days. “Since coming to KO I have found an appreciation for formal wear. I enjoy dress-up days and I truly believe in the ‘look good, feel good’ saying,” he said.

Tim has several recommendations for people in the community that have trouble putting together outfits.

One strategy he uses is to stay true to one’s self and dress the way you want to.

Tim has shown six years of growth and amazing styles in the fashion world. KO, keep an eye out for his bold statements and fashionable windbreakers!