In the Middle

Do you like to sing? Chorus teacher Steve Mitchell loves to sing and teach kids singing.

He enjoys teaching them every day and wishes to continue working with his wonderful students every year.

Two of his middle school small group ensembles are Octopipers for girls, and F2B for boys. “The kids are talented and outgoing, they love to sing and I am grateful to have such an amazing group of girls and boys,” he said. Mr. Mitchell is a very busy person outside of school.

He sings for a group called Concora outside of school. Mr.Mitchell enjoys what he does and avidly shares with kids his passion for singing.

Octopipers is a singing group of middle school girls who can’t get enough singing during the regular chorus practice.

Seventh grader Meghan Jo enjoys Octopipers. Her favorite part is singing with other girls and the chance to perform more popular music. “We have not done many songs, but probably Roar is my favorite,” she said.

F2B is a small group of middle school boy singers. Eighth grader Cole Banning enjoys the people in the group and the songs they practice and perform.

However, Cole wishes he could change the time F2B meets. “I wish it wasn’t after school because I am busy with sports and school work,” he said.

Cole has been singing in the choir group since the sixth grade and F2B for the past two years. “I love to sing and I enjoy being with the group,” he said.

Both groups rehearse weekly after school and are open to seventh and eighth grade students even if they are not in the larger chorus class.

Mr. Mitchell welcomes all young singers who are in other music groups, but especially anyone who loves to sing.