Field day festivities

In the Middle

The middle school is filled with many exciting days, but Kingswood Oxford’s Field Day is something every student and teacher look forward to.

Field day is an annual event held towards the end of the school year, and is filled with many games and team-building activities.

Field day has become a popular institution. Instead of classes, students enjoy a day participating in a big competition among four teams that include the whole middle school. Some of the activities include anything from kickball to Chicken in the Hen House.

“I really like dodgeball and flag tag, they are both really fun,” eighth-grader James Livingstone said.

Field day is not only for the students; it also involves the teachers.

The adults play a big role during the day, whether it is helping to keep track of the points or leading their sub team to a win.

“I like the excitement,” Choir Director Steve Mitchell said.

“The kids are really excited and they are really competitive. It’s kind of stressful, but it’s also the same thing the kids are excited for. It’s a fun day.”

A tradition on every morning of Field Day is team bonding and coming up with a cheer.

The teams also make flags to represent their team during the day even though it’s very time consuming.

“Although I think we should make them before the actual Field Day, and some people aren’t in the mood to make the flags, it’s pretty fun,” seventh-grader Hadley Crowther said.

Initiated in 2008 by then Student Government President Samantha Udolf, ‘12, Field Day has been run by the student government to give students something different and exciting to look forward to in the school year.