Music drives the Middle School

In the Middle

Students and teachers in the KO community usually spend their days talking about sports or academics.

However, a huge part of students’ lives is music.

Music is something that both students and teachers rely on to help enhance their moods. English teacher Kyle Chapman loves music. “I’m always listening to music, at home, at school, in the car, I love music,” he said.

Mr. Chapman enjoys listening to music to help him when working out or when he is grading papers. It is a large asset to his life and can’t imagine life without it.

Eighth-grader Alex Levin also enjoys music.

“I listen to hip hop and rap before sports games to improve my adrenaline and get me ready to perform,” he said.

He does this before every sports match, and he believes it helps him tremendously.

Eighth-grader Alisa Ruban likes to listen to electronic music.She enjoys its unique qualities compared to other styles. “Don’t judge anyone because of their preference on music,” she said.

James Livingstone loves all genres of music. He especially enjoys listening to Florida Georgia Line when he is doing his homework and Trippie Redd before a sports match.

“Music is very important in my life because it helps me accomplish a lot of goals, such as preparing me for an athletic event and helping me focus on academic tasks,” he said.

Another music lover is eighth-grader Adam Merrit.

Adam loves all types of music. Especially before middle school A basketball games, Adam enjoys rap music to pump him up.

“If it’s not a bop don’t play it,” he said.

Eighth-grader Ariana Whalen loves Billie Eilish.

“She makes me so happy and her music just speaks to me,” she said.

Ariana often listens to her when she is doing homework since Billie Eilish helps her calm down and stay focused.

Sixth-grader Lindsay Stepnowski listens to music every day.

“I listen to music to help me focus or help me succeed in my hockey games,” she said. Lindsay especially listens to music with her friends.

It’s a way for all of them to have fun together.

Music is prevalent in the lives of both students and faculty.

Without music, their daily routines would be less interesting and rewarding.