Girls basketball finishes season strong


The girls basketball team came into the season with the attitude of proving themselves after a rough season last year. They faced tough competition, but they battled through adversity and never threw in the towel. This determination and grit made the team so successful this season, finishing with a final record of 7-14.

The team had a two game winning streak versus Westminster on Feb. 1 with a score of 66-25 and then Watkinson on Feb. 3. with a final score of 53-41.

This winning streak ended their six game losing streak, winning their first games after winter break.

Sophomore Kameryn Perry was the leading scorer in those impressive wins, contributing heavily to the team’s success in those games. “Our leading rebounder was Molly Jones, and our leader in assists was Angelina Maselli,” Head Coach Quinn O’Brien said.

The team then lost a very close game at home against Millbrook School on Wednesday Feb. 5, with a score of 50-42. Unfortunately, the team then continued to lose their next three games against Greens Farms Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, and Pomfret School with final scores of 59-39, 61-43, and 47-64 respectively. But the team turned it around on Saturday, Feb. 15, with a huge win against Kent School in overtime. Senior captain Angelina Maselli led the team with 26 points, resulting in a final score of 66-60. Though the team may not have the best record, they have come a long way from last year as their record at this time last year was 0-16. “I am not sure anyone thought we would turn things around completely in one year, so I am very pleased with where we are right now,” Coach O’Brien said.

Coach O’Brien further commented on the impact Maselli has made on the team. Not only is she the team’s leading scorer, but she also is a great leader. He also mentioned that captain Molly Jones is the team’s leading rebounder, Perry is leading the team in steals, and seventh-grader Emily Knowles is the team’s best shooter percentage wise. “On any given night, we may have a new high scorer or contributor and that is an excellent aspect of our team” Coach O’Brien said.

Coach O’Brien also said that he is very pleased this season due to the team’s main strength: camaraderie. “Our team has a great culture and sense of togetherness and all of that credit is due to our players,” Coach O’Brien said. “The culture is whatever they choose to make it.”

Maselli said she agrees that the team’s strength is their unity and how well the players work with one another. “I think we have a genuine respect for how hard everyone works and what they sacrifice to be a part of the team,” Maselli said. “That helps us play and brings out the best on both ends of the floor.”

This supportive culture helps the team overcome their biggest weakness, which is shooting. The team on the court has found it difficult to shoot well consistently, but they have found other ways to combat this problem. “While that would normally lead to blow-out losses, we have remained in games and given ourselves chances to win that we would normally have no chance in if not for our competitiveness, tenacity and morale,” Coach O’Brien said.

Maselli said she agrees with the team’s competitive nature as she said that the team wants to win more and they outwork most teams. They just need to sustain that mentality throughout the whole game: “We need to work on playing a full 32 minute game,” Maselli said.

The goal of the team as they enter the final stretch of the season is to give it their all in the final few games.

“As we enter the final stretch of our season, the main goal, as always, is to find ways to constantly improve,” Coach O’Brien said. “We just want to be playing our best basketball at the end of the season and the let results figure themselves out after that.”