KO News says goodbye to seniors


Cecilia Wang

by David Shi ’22

While senior Cecilia Wang’s time with the KO News has been brief, it’s certainly been sweet! Cecilia has only been on the KO News staff for one year, as an associate photography editor her junior year, which also happened to be her first year at KO. 

She says her favorite part of her position is being able to capture all the incredible moments that happen on campus. “I enjoy my position the most because I get to take pictures and record all the wonderful things students and faculty have been doing at/outside of KO.” she said.

Cecilia first got into photography at age 13 when she got her first Olympus camera from her sister as a gift. 

“It was the first time I owned a personal camera since previously I only got to borrow my parents’ cameras,” she explained. “The Olympus camera has been accompanying me on every one of my vacations since then and has become a very nostalgic symbol of memories for me.” Cecilia says when Ms. Schieffelin sent an email looking for photography editors, she thought it would be the perfect opportunity to further develop her photography skills and contribute to the school community.

At KO, Cecilia stays active in all facets of student life, as a member of several music ensembles such as Outlook and Voce. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Epic and the yearbook, and is part of the musical as well.

After graduation, Cecilia will be furthering her academic career at Tufts where she hopes to continue as a photography correspondent or writer for arts in the school newspaper. In college, she also hopes to continue singing and further develop her artistic skills. While her time with us has been short, it will certainly be cherished as we all wish her the best of luck in college!

Amelia Boardman

by Samhita Kashyap ’22

Senior Amelia Boardman has worked on the KO News since her freshman year. She was initially a writer and became an associate photo editor in her junior year. 

Amelia took journalism because she was interested in improving her writing skills. “I really enjoyed working with Mr. Kyff in journalism class,” she said. I think he has a unique perspective on how it all works, and he really helped me improve my writing.”

In addition to playing defense on the varsity field hockey team, she participates in out of school sports, specifically figure skating. 

“I compete and perform in shows for skating with my club, and it has been something I’ve enjoyed for a long time,” she said.  

She has skated since first grade and hopes to continue in the future. 

Amelia likes photography as a hobby and takes pictures when she travels. “I enjoy taking pictures in museums because it is really fun to play with lighting.” Some of her favorite photos that she has taken have been at Lake Champlain at skating competitions. “I’ll go out on the lake when it’s frozen and take pictures,” she said. 

Amelia takes landscapes as well portraits and hopes to be able to continue photography and figure skating in the future. We wish her the best of luck at college and will miss her very much!

Luv Kataria

by David Shi ’22

For three and a half years, the KO News has had the pleasure to have senior Luv Kataria as a hardworking editor and writer for the paper. Luv was originally an Associate Arts Editor his freshman year and has been Head of Arts after his sophomore year.

During Luv’s first semester  of his freshman year, he decided to take the journalism elective with Mr. Kyff to expand his horizons and try something new. “It was a really fun course,” he said. “It was very different from what I had imagined, but still very enjoyable. After taking the course, Mr. Kyff really pushed me to join the news which honestly was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Luv writes, edits, and revises articles for the Arts section and is given the unique opportunity to write articles about the Musician and Artists of the month. While his role as a head editor can be laborious at times, he’s grateful for the experiences he’s had as part of the News. “It’s been interesting for sure,” Luv said. 

“I’ve been head editor for two years, so I’ve had several groups of associates. While the work can be difficult and News Days can be especially hectic, being part of the KO News is rewarding and fun in it’s own unique way.”

Luv said that his favorite type of article to write is about faculty artists and musicians. “I get a unique perspective of the lives of the faculty, aspects that most in the community may not know about,” Luv said. “My favorite part is being able to learn more of what they do .” 

The KO News certainly will not be the same without Luv’s diligent work. We will miss his contributions to the paper and wish him the best.

Amelia Levine

by Samhita Kashyap ’22

Senior Amelia Levine has worked extremely hard as an associate photo editor at the KO News. While being a photo editor can be challenging, especially since finding time to meet with people to take photos can be difficult, she has always found a way to get them done. 

Amelia also does photography recreationally and has taken Photography I and II. Taking photos for KO News has also helped her develop her photography skills. 

“I have learned how to take portraits of people without it being awkward, which has been very useful when I need to take portraits for an article, which happens frequently,” she said.

In addition to being a part of KO News, Amelia is also a part of Model UN. “I think learning about issues I didn’t know about beforehand and educating myself on them is really important,” she said.

Amelia has had a fantastic time working on the KO News. It has allowed her to meet and talk to people that she wouldn’t normally interact with. 

She has also made friends on the KO News that makes her time there more enjoyable. “I’ve really enjoyed working with [senior] Aiden Borruso because at planning meetings we don’t have much to do so we just talk and laugh the whole time,” she said.

This fall, Amelia is headed to William and Mary to major in something related to biology. “I might continue taking photos for news in college, but I am planning on joining the sailing club, squash club, the tribe adventure program, a sorority, and whatever else interests me,” she said. 

We wish Amelia the best of luck at college and will miss the energy she brings to every planning meeting and News Day! William and Mary is lucky to have her.

Alma Clark

by Braeden Rose ’21

Senior Alma Clark has played a significant role in the KO News as Head Web Editor since her sophomore year.  In addition, Alma built the website herself.

“I took journalism as a sophomore in the spring, and I started, very briefly, as a writer for Features, but I quickly switched tracks when I heard that the KO News had just been approved to make their own website,” she said. She then applied to be the Head Web Editor and has been serving that role since her sophomore year. 

“Sophomore year, Ms. Schieffelin also spotted a little comic I had doodled on the back of a test paper (she was my English teacher) and asked if I wanted to be the cartoonist for the news, and I’ve been doing that ever since as well.”

One of her favorite memories was when she got to see her first-ever comic get published! It was a one-panel gag for the Thanksgiving issue. Two characters are standing in front of a KO crest with a turkey instead of a Wyvern. 

They are horrified because they roasted a Wyvern. “I’ve always loved reading and drawing comics, so being a real newspaper cartoonist was the biggest deal,” she said. “I still have that comic cut out and up on my wall.”

She said she learned a lot of technical skills from being a Web Editor, as well as communication and management skills. 

“It’s been a great being a part of something with so many dedicated people working together to make something cohesive every month, and you learn to do your role well within that organization,” she said.

Alma is currently not decided on which college she is going to, but she expects that she will work with her college newspaper, on anything from the web to cartoons to writing. “I’d love to keep pursuing creative arts and music and writing in college,” she said. 

Alma has been an important face on the KO News for a long time, and we’re sad to see her go. We know she’ll do great, wherever life takes her. Good luck Alma!

Jamie Amell

by Aakash Gunturu ’22

Senior Jamie Amell began his time on the news junior year, after yearning a new style of writing. He then found journalism which led him to the news. 

Jamie has been part of the KO News for two years. He first started out  as Associate Sports Editor, and he is now an Associate Arts Editor. 

“I wasn’t enjoying the repetitive nature of sports writing,” he said. “As a result, I transferred to the Arts section, where I was offered more variety.”

He said that in his time as an arts associate, his favorite article was a piece on Mr. Mitchell and his Nightfall Concert. 

He said it was interesting to hear about how Mr. Mitchell created the community event with local performers. 

Jamie has loved working with his peers on the news, specifically senior Luv Kataria, who Jamie describes as fun, productive, and encouraging. 

“I have learned to appreciate the challenges of professional journalism and the difficulty of always telling the truth in a story even if it doesn’t make somebody look good,” he said.  

Next fall Jamie will be attending Connecticut College, where he will swim. Although he is not sure if he will write for the school newspaper in college, he will use the tools he’s gained during his time as a writer.

Aiden Borruso

by Samhita Kashyap ’22

Senior Aiden Borruso currently serves as the Head Photo Editor on the KO News. He decided to apply after creative arts teacher Greg Scranton recommended it. 

Aiden has taken Photo I and II and considers photography a hobby. “I would carry my camera around and take pictures of pretty much anything,” Aiden said

At the KO News, Aiden has had many opportunities in leadership. “I think being able to delegate and leading a group of people in a task is a good experience to have, and I’ve been able to have that opportunity,” he said.

For example, on the KO News, he has had to work with many people in order to successfully do his job. 

“I really enjoyed working with [senior] Jaden DiMauro because I’ve had to coordinate with him for a lot of different things. He’s really easy to work with and is very confident,” Aiden said. 

In addition to the paper, Aiden has been a part of the tech crew for the fall play every year and plays squash and hockey. 

He  is also an EMT and volunteers at Hartford Hospital. 

“I have an interest in medicine, and it was a great option for me. I got to work with med students and professionals, and it really helped me focus my interests,” he said. 

Aiden is headed to Cornell next year to pursue biological science. 

“I can’t wait to go to college and experience new things. I’m really excited,” Aiden said. We wish Aiden the best of luck at Cornell and will miss his sarcastic and witty comments that always bring smiles to everyone’s face.

Alyssa Pilecki

by Madeline Arcaro ’21

With a contagious smile and a warm personality, senior Alyssa Pilecki sadly leaves the KO News. As the Managing Editor for Features and Arts, she touched all of the people she managed as well as those who she didn’t. 

Alyssa has had quite an unusual KO News track. Alyssa has been on the paper since she was a sophomore, but she’s been attending the meetings since she was a freshman. 

It was at that moment she decided she was going to write for the KO News, thanks to KO News faculty advisor Cathy Schieffelin.

 “She convinced me to write for the news and take journalism my sophomore year,” Alyssa said.

Though she initially didn’t like news writing, Alyssa knew she belonged on the KO News. “I hated news writing, but I really loved features. I knew I wanted to be an Associate Features Editor,” Alyssa said. “Features was really tight that year, but I got it and I was super happy.” 

Her next year, she wanted to stay an associate or potentially become Head Features Editor. When she walked into the meeting, though, she was completely taken aback when they offered her the position of managing editor.

“At first I was like, ‘yes of course, this is probably no biggie,’ but as I got further along, I realized it was a biggie. Even so, I was extremely happy to take it on,” she said. And everyone is very happy that she did.

While she’s not sure where she’s going to college yet, she knows that she wants to write for her school paper. We were so lucky to have you, Alyssa, and we wish you the best of luck.

Sophia Kaufman

by Olivia Reynolds ’22

Senior Sophia Kaufman has been an integral member of the Features department for the past four years. She joined the paper in the second semester of her freshman year as an Associate Editor for Features, following in the footsteps of her older sister Isabel Kaufman ’17. For her final year at Kingswood Oxford, she served as Head Editor of Features, which she found to be a very rewarding position. She’s been able to make connections with her associates, specifically sophomore Emma Levinbook. 

A moment of pride for Sophia was when she saw her first article published in the paper during her freshman year. Since then, she went on to write Fashionista of the Month for several years. 

Writing this piece has allowed her to meet new classmates that she wouldn’t have met otherwise. “The topic of fashion is not thought about by many in the community, so it often catches people off guard when they get selected for the fashionista of the month,” she said. 

Sophia firmly believes that her time on the KO News has greatly enhanced her communication skills. “I have learned how to communicate with totally new people instantly,” she said. “I can take this further into life when I need to do interviews, make connections, and meet new people.”

Sophia plans to attend the school of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University in the fall. She hopes to continue writing for her school’s newspaper, as her time on the KO News has fostered her love for journalism. We wish you the best in your new endeavors next year, Sophia!

Bella Leuschner

by Madeline Arcaro ’21

Senior Bella Leuschner is known as one of the biggest personalities on the KO News and she has made an impression on every person who has been lucky enough to be on the staff with her for the two years she’s been on the paper. Bella started off as an associate for the Reviews section during her junior year.

This past year she became Head of Reviews, where she’s constantly found laughing with her associates and making sure that her section is in great shape. 

“The reviews section when it first started was a close little family,” she said of her section last year. “We were totally dysfunctional, but the four of us had this great dynamic going.” 

Her favorite Reviews memory came from one of the News Days last year, when the three associates had never had any KO News experience. “It was when [Madeline Arcaro] deleted her entire page, printed out an entire blank paper twice, and then left.” 

Though she is the only member of the original Reviews section who is still a member, she has a love for opinions and reviews, and wants to take this passion even further than KO.

The entire KO News staff will miss Bella as she continues a career in marketing at Penn State.

Nick Traver

by Aakash Gunturu ’22

While senior Nick Traver has dominated on the field and in the pool as a tri-varsity athlete, he has also played a key role in the KO News, writing detailed and exciting sports articles.  Nick has been a part of the KO News since his sophomore year as an Associate Sports Editor. He took the journalism elective on a whim, simply to fill his schedule, but quickly found a great interest in writing for the news. 

As a talented athlete and member of the varsity soccer, swimming, and lacrosse teams, as well as SAAC, his love for sports is apparent and has greatly influenced his choice to work for the Sports section of the News. “While sports writing is very simplistic in nature, it’s so fascinating in its own unique way,” Nick said. “As a writer, you get a better perspective of the triumphs and achievements of students all around campus that you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

Despite the challenges of contacting coaches and the hectic news days, Nick says that the News really helped him develop as a writer as well as a person.  

“One of the main things I’ve taken away from my time at the news is to write quickly and efficiently,” Nick said. “But, more importantly, I learned to communicate effectively and work to solve problems as a group as a result of my experience.”

After graduation, Nick plans on either studying economics or finance in college. 

He is not sure yet if he will continue working with his school’s newspaper, but he hopes to become involved in other academic opportunities on campus. Nick will be dearly missed in the Sports department and on the paper as a whole, and we all wish him the best of luck in college and beyond!

Kush Kataria

by Emma Levinbook ’22

Since the spring of his freshman year, senior Kush Kataria has played a significant role on the KO News. Kush was originally an Associate Sports Editor during his sophomore year, and he served as the Head Editor of Sports during his junior and senior years.

Kush said he originally became interested in the KO News after he was urged to take journalism by a previous KO student. “It was really interesting to partake in a new style of writing, and I’ve just stuck with it,” he said.

Kush has always loved being a part of the Sports section. “I am very interested in sports, and I felt that it was always the right department for me,” he said. “I enjoy highlighting athletic accomplishments of those in the KO community because they put a lot of work into what they do.”

One of the most valuable things Kush has learned during his time on the KO News is how to conduct an effective interview. “At first I was scared to do interviews, but once I started doing more, I became integrated into the community more and I learned how to ask good questions,” he said. “Interviewing became a sort of networking basis for me.”

Kush said that upon graduating, he is going to miss the collaborative aspect of the KO News the most. “We have a good group of people on the staff and even though being on the news is hard sometimes,” he said, “ it’s fun hanging out with everyone on News Day and in meetings.”

Kush advises students on the KO News to write what they are passionate about and to explore new ideas and different types of writing. “Go out for that leadership position you want, have fun, and represent KO well,” he said.

In college, Kush hopes to keep writing and hopefully join the school newspaper if time permits. Kush will certainly be missed by all of the KO News staff for his great leadership and for his contributions to the paper.

Ishaa Sohail

by Cici Chagnon ’21

Since her freshman year, senior Ishaa Sohail has worn many KO News hats: Associate Arts Editor her freshman and sophomore years, Head Editor of Investigative her sophomore and junior years, and most recently, Managing Editor of Multi-Platform Communication. 

Ishaa is also a dedicated member of Model UN, Shield and Dragon, the Wyvern Rundown podcast, and manager for varsity lacrosse. 

Ishaa said her love for journalism stemmed from her desire to try new things when starting KO. 

“I  just knew I wanted to be part of as many extracurriculars and activities as I could be,” she said. “I had [Rob Kyff] for journalism, and it was his last time. I just loved his appreciation for journalism and the way he taught. I also loved that journalism came in different forms.”

One of Ishaa’s favorite articles to write was her investigative piece on snow days; the article she is most proud of, however, was “Unite Against Assault and Harassment at KO,” an editorial she worked on with the other managing editors and Editor-in-Chief Jaden Dimauro. 

Some of Ishaa’s favorite KO News memories include “scooting” around the library, fighting over munchkins, wearing pajamas to News Day, and taking the KO News varsity basketball team photo. 

Her peers all agree that Ishaa will be missed. “Ishaa is the best thing to happen to me in seven years,” senior Aiden Borusso said.  

Ishaa, thank you for all your hard work for the KO News and your ability to make everyone laugh at 8:00 a.m. Best of luck in college, we’ll miss you!

Joey Fago

by Braeden Rose ’21

Senior Joey Fago has been writing for the KO News since his junior year as an associate reviews editor. He said that every review he wrote interested him in some way.

“I would say I learned a lot about how to critically review something and, most importantly, lay out a page of the paper on InDesign,” Joey said, referring to the software that the KO News uses to arrange articles for the newspaper copy.

When he came to KO sophomore year, he looked to get involved in clubs and extracurriculars. 

Joey said he has always enjoyed writing, and the idea of having articles that he wrote published for the KO community was something that really interested him, so he decided to join the KO News. 

Joey has also been an integral part of Model UN and the musical 

“There was no doubt that I would get involved in the musical coming from a performing arts school freshman year, as well as theatre being a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” he explained.

Joey will be attending Northeastern University in Boston next year. He plans on going into college with an open mind and if a club or extracurricular interests him, he will definitely try it out.

Thank you, Joey, for your hard work and commitment to the KO News. Good luck at Northeastern!

Madeleine Pelletier

by Braeden Rose ’21

Joining the KO News her junior year as an Associate Opinions Editor, senior Madeleine Pelletier has written excellent opinion pieces and broadened the perspective of the KO community. 

When Madeleine came to KO in her junior year, one of the first electives she signed up for was journalism so that she could write on the KO News. 

“I have always been passionate about writing, especially outside of the typical essay format in school,” she said, “so I thought it would be fun to join the newspaper and have more freedom in what I write.”

She began writing opinion pieces about topics that were important to her, ranging from the importance of horror movies in pop culture to the student climate strikes happening across the world. 

“I didn’t know it at the time, but many of the ideas that I explored in the climate strike article have carried over into my senior thesis topic,” she said. 

On the KO News, Madeleine said she learned how to write articles that were thought-provoking and significant.

Madeleine is committed to the University of Wisconsin , where she plans on majoring in English with a focus on creative writing.

Regardless if Madeleine decides to write for her college’s paper, the KO News staff wishes her the best in college and beyond. 

Esha Kataria

by Cici Chagnon ’21

For three years, the KO News has had the pleasure of working with senior Esha Kataria. 

From associate news editor her freshman year, to head of the section, and finally to  Managing Editor of News, Sports, and Investigative for the 2019-2020 issue, Esha has certainly made a lasting impact on the paper.

Esha first decided to take journalism with her two brothers at the suggestion of their family friend, Janvi Sikand ’19, and attributes her passion for journalism and her interest in the KO News to her freshman journalism class.

Her favorite articles include chronicling Head of School Tom Dillow’s transition to KO because it forced her to step out of her comfort zone.

Esha’s favorite aspect of her experience on the KO News is the lessons she learned about leadership. 

“I think I’ve really developed patience and an ability to communicate effectively and be a good leader,” she said.

Esha will miss angrily texting Aidan O’Loughlin, laughing with the Sports section and fixing their mistakes. Between her Editor-in-Chief position on EPIC, and playing both volleyball and tennis, Esha always made time for the KO News. 

Esha, good luck with all your college endeavors!  

Aidan O’Loughlin

by David Shi ’22

The KO News has been lucky to have senior Aidan O’Loughlin as a writer and editor for the paper. Since his sophomore year, Aidan has been part of the News section as an associate which he greatly enjoys, as it allows him to interview all sorts of different members of the KO community.

Aidan first took the journalism course as a way to practice in improving his writing. “I wanted to get more experience and improve as a writer,” Aidan said,  

While the workload as an editor for the news can often be overwhelming, Aidan has a very positive outlook on his time in the KO News, “I have always really enjoyed News Days,” Aidan explained.

Aidan also is grateful for his experiences on the news, as he feels that he has learned so much from his time working for the paper. “I have learned a lot working on the KO News about interviews and the structure behind articles.” Aidan’s commitment to the Mock Trial club has been tremendous, where he has spent seven long years as a key part of the team. While Aidan doesn’t exactly plan on writing for his school newspaper in college, he intends to branch out and try all sorts of new things in college. 

Aidan’s enthusiasm for writing and hard work will certainly be missed by all of us here at the KO News, and we wish him the best of luck in college!