Spring break

In the Middle

Whether it’s traveling somewhere tropical or staying around home, everyone in the KO community looks forward to March break.

While some students and their families like to travel somewhere warm, others enjoy spending time with family around the home.

No matter what they are doing, everyone appreciates the two week vacation from their daily school life.

Eighth grader James Livingstone and English teacher Mr. Kyle Chapman share the same love of spring break.

They also share a passion for basketball.

“I love staying home and watching the start of the NCAA tournament,” Mr. Chapman said.

James also enjoys March Madness. “I look forward to playing basketball and watching the NCAA tournament,” he said.

Others travel with their families.

Eighth grader Emma Barringer definitely prefers traveling.

“I look forward to the Florida trip, I always go with my family,” she said.

Some students look forward to hanging out with friends. Eighth grader Erin Westfall loves to go to Vermont with her horseback riding team.

“I make so many memories with my friends in Vermont,” she said.

Students and faculty also enjoy having two solid weeks of vacation.

“The fact that spring break is two weeks is glorious,” said Mr. Chapman.

Whether KO community members are traveling or staying at home, March Break is something everyone looks forward to.