Wyverns help younger wyverns

In the Middle

by Rayyan Haider ’24 and Adam Meritt ’24

Kingswood Oxford offers programs to benefit students’ experience.

One of these can help students navigate a challenging school environment by assisting them with their academics.

Wyverns Helping Wyverns, or WHW, is a program where students from the Middle School can be tutored by upper school students with work that they need help with or don’t understand.

Wyverns Helping Wyvern was started by the Director of Learning Mrs. Jackie Rubin.

Mrs. Rubin was motivated to start this program because she believed many younger students could use the help.

“We have lots of students who end up having to work outside of school with tutors and organizational specialists, and I thought that it would be a good opportunity for kids to be able to have that some of that work done here,” she said.

Students who attend Wyverns Helping Wyvern enjoy snacks that are used to encourage them to do their work.

Eighth-grader Alexa Prahl sometimes visits Wyverns Helping Wyverns to finish her homework.

“We are given snacks that are used for motivation, but they only give it to you after you do a certain amount of work or have done work for a certain amount of time. And in the end, they remind us to do certain things or give us tips,” she said.

Student tutors are sometimes better at one subject than others.

Because of this, tutors often focus on one or two subjects.

“There are different kids that specialize in different things who help in these subjects,” said Alexa.

However, students from the upper school try to help with any subject that the younger students may have trouble with.

“My best topic is Spanish, but usually, we can help with any subject,” said junior Brandon DeLucia.

One of the ways Wyverns Helping Wyverns is effective is by matching students to the right upper school student.

“Sometimes teachers assign students to Wyverns Helping Wyverns because they know they can be helpful,” said Alexa.

Success at school depends on understanding the homework and teachers’ expectations. Upper School students understand the teachers’ requirements because they have gone through Middleschool already.

Middle Schoolers might want to go check out Wyverns Helping Wyverns not just for the snacks, but also to get some work done.