Students adjust to a new key card system

In the Middle

This past October, students had to make a large adjustment while traveling around campus. However, most people feel that the campus as a whole is safer than it was before.

Key cards were provided to each middle and upper school student at Kingswood Oxford. These are used for opening doors around campus in order to improve safety and prevent strangers from walking into a building.

Current Head of School Thomas Dillow wanted to explore several options that would keep the students and faculty safe.

Middle School Administrative Assistant Ms. Britanny Dix made this clear.

“The key cards came about when Tom Dillow started, he wanted a safer environment for all of the students,” she said.

Some students like the addition of the key cards, while others don’t. Eighth grader Scott Taylor thinks that the key cards are just an unnecessary new feature.

“The old system was a lot more freeable, you could go wherever you want without having to worry about locking yourself out,” he said.

There are students who like the new system, however. Eighth grader Alexa Prahl believes that the key cards are important and helpful. “I think that it’s useful to keep us safer, and it is also kind of convenient because we can get into buildings that we need to,” she said.

The cards are run through a computer system that allows them to be disabled if they are lost. Ms. Dix said,

“Kids lose them often, and depending on if they tell me they lost them, there could be a card lying out there that someone could get.” Students, if you have lost your key card, make sure to contact a faculty member as soon as possible.

Many students agree with the addition of key cards, while others think that it is just a pain.

It helps ensure the safety of students and faculty on campus, and for the past four months has been working smoothly around the school.