A squash ends a winning season

In the Middle

The Middle School A squash team did a great job, earning a 2-1 season even though many of the players were new to the team. Despite the cancellation of some matches, players kept a positive attitude.

Coach Samantha Cassidy loved how the team always encouraged each other. “I think the team this year did a really nice job supporting each other both while they were on playing and after they had gotten off,” she said. “I think that really helped people improve,” she added. 

After a loss to Renbrook, the team knew they had to work harder to win their next match. Eighth grader Olivia Gordon constantly made sure she had a positive attitude and gave her teammates constructive feedback. “I always tried to get the mood up and energize everybody,” she said. 

Eighth grader Owen Caligiuri agreed with Gordon. “I helped the team by having positive energy and giving players constructive criticism,” he said. “It really is effective,” he added. 

The number one player in the squash ladder, eighth grader Rayyan Haider, always made sure he was helping the team and everyone to improve. “I always try to help out someone if I see them doing something wrong,” he said.