Girls B basketball shoots for a successful season

In the Middle

The girls B-basketball team played through the season with a record of 2-1-1. As the B team, they are known for always smiling on the court and playing their hardest. 

Head Coach Katherine Nicholson was very proud of the team this year. β€œI enjoyed the fact of [working with] all level athletes and basketball players and their game knowledge and on court presence,” she said. Coach Nicholson has been coaching basketball for 15 years. 

Eighth grader point guard Ava Leshem has played basketball for two years. She enjoyed being on the team and around the girls. β€œI loved working with my team and getting to know them better,” she said. Leshem had a good season, and her favorite game she played was at the end. β€œI think it was our last game because almost our entire team was able to make it and almost everybody on our team who has never played basketball was able to make a basket,” she said. Leshem hopes to continue her basketball journey in the Upper School next year.

The team worked hard every day on and off the court and they hope to have another successful season next year with new players and returning players. Coach Nicholson enjoys coaching at this level with different girls. β€œI don’t ever expect anything, just go out and have fun and learn basketball,” she said.