Corona cancels more than just school, athletes lose opportunity


This year, due to the spread of COVID-19, all spring sports at KO have been cancelled. For most student-athletes, this is just missing another season, but for juniors who are interested in playing in college, this is the biggest recruitment time of the year. 

Sports that are canceled until further notice for KO are baseball, softball, girls and boys tennis, track and field, and girls and boys lacrosse. However, some students at KO play sports outside of school during the spring as well, such as club volleyball and AAU basketball.

Junior Carter Meshanic plays AAU basketball for CT Elite. For basketball players, the spring and summer AAU sessions are the biggest opportunity to get recruited to play in college. “Unfortunately, we lose our chance to play in big tournaments in front of hundreds of college coaches. However, most coaches are reaching out because they also have an abundance of free time, but it’s still only a small condolence,” Meshanic said.

Junior center fielder Michael DeMio has aspirations of playing baseball in college. “This was a big year for our team to do damage and accomplish our goal of winning the Founders,” DeMio said. “However, as of right now there are things bigger than that in this world, and we need to focus on that more than anything.” 

Junior Sydney Smith plays club volleyball for the Husky Volleyball program outside of school through winter, spring, and summer. “The recruiting process has changed a lot because campus visits aren’t allowed, which makes it far more difficult for athletes to meet coaches and get a feel for a campus,” Smith said.

Juniors aren’t the only ones affected by the lack of a spring season this year. Freshman lacrosse player Ellen Jacobson lost her first chance to get accustomed to the level of competition she will face in high school. “As an athlete in the recruiting process, it definitely leaves a lot of uncertainty in the air, but luckily I have years ahead of me to figure it out,” Jacobson said.

Boys varsity basketball Head Coach Brad Seamen explained how the college recruitment process has changed significantly this spring. “Now more than ever, highlights are video based because coaches can’t go out and see recruits play,” he said. “It’s a trade-off because coaches have more time on their hands, but they also can’t watch players live.”  

Overall, the recruiting process will be altered drastically for class of 2021 athletes because of the coronavirus. However, we can be sure that they will find success no matter what path they take in the future.