‘Pete Davidson: Alive From New York’


“Pete Davidson: Alive From New York” became available to stream on Netflix on Feb. 25. Neflix describes it as a “candid and intimate stand-up special,” and I can say that it is exactly that, except a lot more intimate. 

Pete Davidson’s life is not normal, to say the least. He was personally affected by 9/11 after his father—a firefighter—died. After that, he said his life went into a downward spiral. He revealed in an interview that he had suicidal thoughts when he was younger after the loss of his father, and that would not be the last time he said that. Following his breakup with pop singer Ariana Grande, he deleted his Instagram amid claims that he was again feeling suicidal. He has come out and said he has borderline personality disorder and that he frequently is in a bad state of mental health. Most of this came out after his engagement with Ariana fell through. 

He talks about his breakup with Ariana and about how she wrecked him through a Vogue magazine interview. I think it’s good that he can talk about it now because of how suicidal he was before.

Many people had no idea who he was before dating and being engaged to Ariana Grande. He joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 2014, and at that point, he was the youngest on the cast. He jokes around a lot about how often he should get fired, but he doesn’t.

While on “Saturday Night Live,” he says he cannot perform without marijuana. “I can perform when I’m not high, but it wouldn’t be that much fun for me,” he said. The first thing he talks about on the stand-up special is about getting in trouble for smoking in his dressing room, so right off the bat, you can tell that he’s going to tell us a lot of personal information.

He talks about a lot from his relationships, his career, his friends, his sexuality, and his dad, joking about all of them. Some people say most of his jokes are dark humor, and I would agree, especially when he gets into the segment about his dad and what happened to him and his family after 9/11. 

A lot of people are not huge fans of Pete Davidson, but I think the routine is funny. However, it has a very limited audience. Of course, the show is TV-MA, so just know that before you watch it because he does talk about some mature topics like sexual innuendos. Next, he might come off as offensive to some people, but that just has to do with your sense of humor. You can’t always tell jokes that make everybody laugh. 

Some of those jokes have turned into huge deals, like his joke about Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw has an eyepatch, so Davidson made a joke about that but then later found out that he lost his eye in a war so he had to apologize. He talks about this in the special, and he’s so well past it that he can joke around about it, and I honestly don’t think it’s Davidson’s fault that the guy got so offended. 

He does the whole routine off the cuff—it wasn’t scripted at all—and I honestly applaud him for doing that because it’s so hard to please an audience on the spot, especially with the types of jokes he is telling. You can even hear their reactions in the show (it’s a live audience, not recorded), and he is doing a good job.