Former KO football player going pro


 Former Kingswood Oxford student and football player Isaiah Wright ’16 has made a name for himself in collegiate football. Wright was a standout athlete during his time at KO as a two-way player, catching 91 passes for 1,917 yards and 19 touchdowns as well as 24 attempts rushing for 330 yards and a touchdown. Defensively, Wright was a beast, racking up 74 total tackles, 47 solo, with four interceptions and two fumble recoveries. Finally, he was named All-Conference three times and was a member of the 2015 championship team. 

Wright attends Temple University where he is an integral part of the Owl’s football team. He was originally committed to Rutgers, but a problem with the coaching staff resulted in Wright meeting with other coaches. “I was meeting with a bunch of other schools,” Wright said, “and Temple stood out the most as I knew I could play as a freshman.” However, Wright’s success didn’t come right away. “Academically I was prepared for anything,” Wright said. “As for football, I had lost my confidence.” It took Wright about a month to adjust to the college level before he was once again prevailing over his peers. 

During Wright’s freshman year, he played a total of 12 games and had 232 rushing yards and 74 receiving yards. He also began to take kick returns. This set him apart from his peers as he had more kick returns yards than rushing yards at 278 with an average of 25.3 yards per return. He finished the season with 601 total all purpose yards. 

Wright started to make a name for himself in his sophomore season. During this year, he had his career high receiving yards at 668. He also improved his kick returning abilities and finished the season with 324 yards with a 98 yard kick return that resulted in a touchdown. He finished the season with 1,289 total all purpose yards and seven touchdowns, averaging 99.2 yards per game. He also scored five different ways (receiving, rushing, passing, kickoff return, and punt return). He is only the sixth player to do that in the Football Bowl Subdivision in the decade. 

During his junior season, Wright became the most dominant special team player in the league. He racked up 873 kick return yards with one 99 yard long touchdown as well as 249 punt return yards. He finished the season with 1,574 total all purpose yards, and 1,122 of those yards came from special teams. Wright also received a nomination to become a first team All-American. “It’s one of the things I’m most proud of,” he said. That season, he was also named AAC special teams player of the year and first team All-AAC. 

Finally, during his senior year, Wright continued to dominate, especially on offense. He finished with 442 offensive yards, five touchdowns, and 554 kick return yards. In total, he finished his senior year with 1,113 total all-purpose yards. Wright described his football career as “exciting, overwhelming, and unexpected.” Wright also finished his college football career by wearing number two, instead of his typical 13. This is because only the toughest players get to wear single digit jerseys. 

Wright wants to continue to play football in the future. He says he is still training hard and is preparing to meet with multiple NFL teams. In addition, Wright had a de-facto pro day at KO on Tuesday, March 31st. Wright is also interested in psychology as well as business and investing in terms of a future career. Either way, Wright has a bright future and a solid plan.