Girls A basketball wraps up a strong season

In the Middle

The Middle School girls A basketball season finished with a 6-4 record. This was a great accomplishment for the girls because they had many first year players and lost a lot of starters last year.

An early game against Rumsey Hall was the team’s hardest of the season. The girls didn’t start off shooting well and were down by a lot at halftime. They came back to lose the game by two points. However, by working as a team, they had a great second half. 

“I feel like this was one of the turning points of the season,” said Assistant Coach Peter Burdge. “This game helped us realize that we weren’t gonna win easily, but this gave the girls a lot more confidence going forward,” he said.

Only five of the team’s players were eighth graders. “This was a good year for us, knowing that many of us do not play basketball outside of school,” said eighth grader Kelly Stepnowski. 

The team worked hard during practices, especially on shooting drills. “I was not a very strong shooter at the beginning of the season, and now I am, and I believe the drills really helped me,” said Stepnowski.

A player that Coach Burdge and Head Coach Judy Bailey look forward to returning is seventh grader Niamh Foley. She had a back injury keeping her from playing this year, but they hope she will be a leader next year. “When she comes back next year I believe she will be a good influence for everyone,” says Burdge.  

Over the season the team improved in every category. Coaches Burdge and Bailey are proud of the girls and what they accomplished, and they are both looking forward to seasons to come.