Josh Garrison, coach of the season

In the Middle

Winter sports coach spotlight for this month is on science teacher Coach Josh Garrison. He is very encouraging and makes all of his players on intramural basketball feel comfortable on the court while working on skills and having fun. 

Coach Garrison has coached many sports at KO; including JV soccer, middle school track, and middle school B basketball. This season, he coached the intramural basketball team; this is the fifth season coaching basketball at any level.

The players on intramural basketball were very fond of him. He motivated many of his players to do their best every day. “He helps improve other people and he doesn’t downgrade anyone,” said seventh-grader Guru Anand. 

Along with helping everyone improve, he promotes great team morale and makes every player feel like they are good at basketball. “I like how Mr. Garrison is really nice to everyone. He’s always fair and he has a big heart for everyone and makes us feel our best every day,” said seventh-grader Jack Kanaan. 

Coach Garrison was involved with each player from the start. Each practice brings fulfillment for both Coach Garrison and his team. “I love seeing players of the team pushing themselves and growing and performing in stressful situations,” he said.

As each season comes and goes, Coach Garrison is filled with more enthusiasm than the last. Even though some of his players will make a competitive team next year, Coach Garrison hopes that everyone had a lot of fun this season and some players will return, excited for what next year will bring.