Basketball duo leads boys A basketball to success

In the Middle

Eighth-graders Jack Decker and James Livingstone led the boys A basketball team to an outstanding record of 9-1, with their only loss being to Williston Northampton. For their fantastic efforts, Decker and Livingstone were nominated by Head Coach Kyle Chapman as standout players who represented the team very well. 

“The boys always bring energy to the team, whether that is in practice or in game time; the boys all look up to them,’’ Coach Chapman said. 

Decker and Livingstone displayed different kinds of leadership, but they both worked effectively, and their impact was certainly noticeable. “James got us hyped before the games, while Jack led by example,” said eighth-grade teammate Adam Merritt.  

Livingstone loves basketball and enjoys playing it at KO. “The middle school A team was so fun, and I loved that I got to play with all of my friends,” he said. 

Livingstone plays competitive basketball outside of school for the West Hartford Travel team, and he has been playing for the middle school team since seventh grade, when he first entered KO. 

Decker has been playing on the A team for three years. “The amount of playing time in sixth grade was minimal and this year, I played almost every minute of every game,” he said. Decker  averaged between 15 and 20 points a game and played power and small forward. 

The boys have a goal of making varsity in the near future and playing for their high school team. Both boys will be a huge asset to any future team they play on. 

Coach Chapman praised their effect on the team’s morale and record. “The team went as they went; the boys needed to have a good game for the A team to win,” he said.

Next year, the team will depend on seventh-grade twins Scotty and Sandy Cloud to continue their impressive record.