KO News to KOntinue through online learning


By Cici Chagnon ’21, Madeline Arcaro ’21, Emma Levinbook ’22

In times of stress and hardships, journalism is more important than ever. It’s crucial to get your news from reputable sources and to hear from people on the frontlines of what is going on in the world we live in today. That’s why we, as the new KO News editorial board, have decided to keep the newspaper up and running. The editors and writers have been working extremely hard to get the best news we can out to you all. It’s so important to us that we are keeping the paper alive and running as we are in a time of trouble. We hope this is as exciting to the readers as it is to us, and your support is all we can ask for right now. 

As classes have transitioned to online learning, the April issue of the KO News has also shifted to being exclusively online. Rather than releasing all the articles at once, however, we’ll be publishing articles periodically in batches on thekonews.org. This way the news will be coming out as it occurs, and any new changes in information will be ready for reading as soon as possible. 

Since there is no set publication date, check the KO News Instagram (@thekonews_) for updates and sneak peeks of what you could be checking out online! The Instagram account will serve as an interactive branch of the paper, in which videos, pictures, podcasts, etc., will be posted that are associated with related articles. It will also serve as a great way to become familiar with the KO News staff, through staff introductions and takeovers by the editorial board! Followers will also be able to watch live videos of what goes on behind the scenes in various meetings. Instagram stories will feature polls asking what you, the KO community, would like to read about and see in future articles. This platform will also be a great way for all students and faculty members, even those not a part of the KO News, to become involved. For example, we will post the month’s opinion piece topics before they are published. Members of the community will then be able to contact the Head and Managing Editors of the Opinions section if they are interested in writing a piece opposing that opinion. Finally, after the month’s issue is published, quizzes pertaining to certain articles will be posted. Whoever submits the correct answers through close reading of the amazing pieces will earn a prize! 

Additionally, there is also a KO News email account—thekonews@kingswoodoxford.org—that the editorial board will be managing. Just as it is vital for us to continue to report the news to the community, we feel it is equally important that we take feedback from readers into careful consideration. Send us your thoughts! The account will be used for virtually anything KO News related, whether you read an article that you’d like to respond to, or you spot a mistake you’d like corrected. A crucial goal of our staff is to make sure everything we report is accurate, and your help in achieving that would be highly appreciated. We’d love to hear any ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc. that you have for the newspaper, and one of the editorial board members will reply to you within 48 hours of receiving your email. Send us anything you can think of, whether it’s something you want written about or just a reaction to an article. 

During this time of unprecedented events, it’s vital that we, the KO community, stand strong together to get through it. COVID-19 will be a significant topic that the KO News will write about in the near future, in hopes of keeping everyone informed about what’s happening; we’ll also be releasing some other unrelated content that will hopefully help spread some much-needed joy. The editorial board as a whole wants to make sure that everyone remembers that the most important thing right now is, yes, to stay healthy and to socially distance, but to also check up on others and make sure you stay in contact with friends. We may be self-isolating, but that does not mean we are in this alone.