Player of the season: Georgia Louis

In the Middle

Nominated by Head Coach Judy Bailey of the girls A basketball team, eighth-grade point guard Georgia Louis has been chosen as player of the season. She stood out both on and off the court as a very supportive teammate and as a great leader.

Louis has been playing basketball for about five years. “I love being a point guard because I feel like a leader while playing, and I get to contribute to almost every play,” she said.  

Louis always tries her best to boost the energy of the team. “During practices and games, I always make sure everyone is always ready to play, everyone has a positive attitude, and everyone has a good time,” she said. 

Coach Bailey has enjoyed coaching Louis for the past two years, not only because she is a strong basketball player but also because she has brought lots of fun to the team. “She loves playing the sport and she is a fun kid to be around,” Coach Bailey said.

Louis was unable to play the full season last year because of a wrist injury. This year, however, Coach Bailey saw great improvement. “As an eighth grader, she has definitely become more assertive and stepped up from last year,” she said. “She worked hard at her game, dribbling and shooting.”

Two year teammate, seventh-grader Lia Arnold, remarked that Louis has contributed a great amount of support and skill to the team. “She shows leadership because she always knows what we are doing in practices and games, which helps lead our team to victory,” she said. 

Eighth-grade teammate Kelly Stepnowski has enjoyed playing with Louis this past year because of her positive energy. “She’s a great teammate and is always energetic and excited to come to practices and games,” she said.

In every game, Louis strives to put forth her best effort. She has scored 126 points over ten games and led the team to a record of 6-4. The team and coaches will certainly miss Louis next year. Coach Bailey and Assistant Coach Peter Burdge will be expecting Lia Arnold and Niamh Foley to fill Louis’ shoes, as they will be three year players on the team.