Learning to play squash

In the Middle

Learning a new sport can be difficult, but Kingswood Oxford’s B squash team teaches the game in a fun and effective way. Although they played no games against other schools, they did improve a lot and ultimately had a great time doing it.

Most days of practice involved a game called “one up, one down.” Using four courts with a few kids on each court, players keep track of points, and whoever has the most points moves up a court, and whoever has the least moves down. This game helped players evaluate their skill level. “The game was fun and let me see who I should be playing with to continue to improve,” eighth-grader Ted Simons said.

 Eighth-grader Toby Van Wilgen appreciated the lessons given by squash Head Coach Robby Lingashi. “Coach Robby, from day one, was teaching me how to properly grip my racquet, and good techniques to get better serves,” he said. Although getting to and from the squash courts took some time, once they arrived, they were ready to play and used their time well playing squash. 

Players also found helpful tips coming from Assistant Coach Samantha Cassidy. “Ms. Cassidy helped just as much as Coach Robby, just in different ways,” Simons said.

Van Wilgen said he believes that playing squash is just as fun as being with friends while improving shots. “Although I never got to play in any tournaments, I did get to hang out with my friends while doing something fun, and I found I enjoy that just as much,” he said. Many students who never played squash before ended up on court one at least once during the season. Several players will continue to play and improve in hopes of earning a spot on the A team next year.