Much more than just intramural basketball

In the Middle

Although having no games with other schools, intramural basketball completed  another season of fun and improvement. Coach Josh Garrison said he enjoyed playing with the kids. “All of the players were super competitive and would get upset if they lost, so even though it was intramural basketball it felt like more than that,” he said. 

Despite the lack of outside games, the players had some great memories. “My favorite parts of the season were all of the intramural championships,” sixth-grader Lucas Wells said. Despite the fact that there were no bus rides to away games or any other perks that come with being on the A or B team, the intramural basketball team was always motivated and had a lot of fun.

Some of the former intramural basketball players also have fond memories from last year. “My favorite memory from when I played was after every practice the eighth-graders and I would have a three-point contest,” eighth-grader Scott Taylor said.

Although the intramural basketball team lost to the girls A team at the end of the season, they still had a great time. “Although we lost it was still a great challenge and I learned a lot,” seventh-grader Guru Anand said. 

Several players hope to be on the A or B team next year and were working towards that goal this year. However, whether players decide to try out for another team or return to the intramural team, they will have made great progress in their basketball skills while having fun along the way.