KO cancels lacrosse, baseball spring break trips


The Kingswood Oxford boys lacrosse team and baseball team were planning to have another great trip during March vacation to compete against other high school teams in Florida. Sadly, due to the unexpected rise of COVID-19, both the trips were canceled this year. 

The lacrosse trip is meant to be a crucial part of the team’s season, as they compete in many hard-fought games to prepare them for the rest of their spring season.

“The team trip to Florida, allows our team to continue practicing and training together while school is on break,” Head Coach Brett Garber said. “When the team gets back from spring break, our season moves at light speed, and our players need to be in shape and prepared in order to have a successful lacrosse season. The Florida trip puts us in the best position for the team to be ready to play.” 

Coach Garber also mentioned how the trip is perfect for team bonding. “The trip allows the players to bond and enjoy a week together where we are practicing,playing two to three times a day,” he said. “I think it’s a trip that has a nice balancing act of being able to have fun and enjoying Florida, while at the same time we work hard to get better as a team.” 

The lacrosse trip is a highlight of the season for many members of the team, which is why the cancellation was so unfortunate. “The cancellation of the trip was very sad and unfortunate, as I’m sure everyone was looking forward to it,” junior midfielder Chris Sienko said. “I know that for especially the kids that went last year, it was a big let down as we all had so much fun last year and were looking forward to going again.”

The team has a lot of fun on and off of the field. During this trip, the team has lots of time to bond with one another, which is what makes the team so close. “One thing that I enjoyed most about the trip last year was the fun we had both on the field and at the places we saw,” sophomore attacker Carter Smith said. “We had a beach day where the team went to Clearwater Beach and it was a lot of fun to be with the team outside of lacrosse. Also, every night at the hotel we had fun team dinners.” During the trip, the team made lots of great memories, making it such a memorable trip. “My favorite memory from the trip last year was when me, Sam and Arthur went to the grocery store and bought tons of food for our hotel room. I also got to hit Sam with a shopping cart at the store” C. Smith said, referring to former KO students, Arthur Smith and Sam Krugman.

The cancellation of the baseball trip was also upsetting as it is typically a crucial part of the KO baseball season. The trip is used as an indicator of where they are as a team and gives them lots of practice. 

“The Florida trip has always been a huge part of our program,” Assistant Coach Ryan Radmonivich said. “It definitely helps us prepare for the season, and is somewhat of a necessity to compete in our league. Every other team in our league attends a spring training in Florida as well.” For the players, the trip really prepares them for the rest of the season and allows them to get into a competitive mindset. 

“The trip really gives us a feel for how our season will go when we come back to Connecticut. At least for me, the games, win or lose, it’s a great way to get my confidence up before the start of the regular season” junior third base man Samuel Smith said.

The cancellation of the trip was a big upset for the team as they had a lot of fun in the past years. “Obviously, the cancellation of the trip hurts everyone, especially this year’s seniors,” Smith said. “It’s a trip everyone looks forward to as soon as school starts. Just being with the team is awesome. Going to the pool and to the arcade are the highlights of the trip for sure.”

Although the trips were canceled this year, the teams are still looking forward to trips next year. Both teams know how depressing it is for the seniors who won’t be able to go on this trip for their last year and they wish them the best.