Kaitlin Bennett promotes homophobic, racist, sexist, and inaccurate content in 2020


Many people know Kaitlin Bennett as the Kent State “gun girl,” but recently she had made a name for herself in the world of so-called “activism.” Kaitlin Bennett is one of the most ignorant, inconsiderate and immature political influencers in 2020.

Kaitlin Bennett’s Twitter account. Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Allowing someone like her to continue to spread homophobic, racist, sexist, and inaccurate information presents a danger to America. She teaches people that you can say whatever you want even if it is offensive. Additionally, she claims that everyone who disagrees with her opinion is wrong, which defeats the purpose of a conversation.

Ms. Bennett has both xenophobic and racist views, which she has attempted multiple times to normalize. About a month ago, she tweeted, “No more immigration!” even if the immigration is legal.

Additionally, Bennett is very clearly racist. Some of her worst examples start with cultural appropriation. In a few of her videos, she has appeared in a Pocahontas costume, which can be seen as making fun of or degrading Native American culture. When we were told that coronavirus originated in China, Bennett and people who support her started calling it the “Chinese virus.” Calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” is absolutely offensive, and it is downright racist. Just because the coronavirus originated in China does not mean it is the “Chinese virus,” and if it originated here we wouldn’t call it the “American virus.”

Adding to her extensive array of offensive views, she is in many ways a homophobe. For example, the San Francisco Pride festival was canceled due to coronavirus, and she tweeted, “At least one good thing has come out of all of this.” Saying that unavoidably puts down pride month. In January, Bennett attended the Women’s March in Washington D.C. “undercover,” claiming she identified as a “woman of color.” She would walk around the Women’s March and start asking people what they thought of her, and then said that she identified as a “woman of color.” Saying that is offensive in two ways to two different groups of people. Her stunt wasn’t just racist; it was intended to mock and degrade people who are transgender as well. Being transracial is not a thing, so she was making fun of both identities. 

Topping it all off, Kaitlin Bennett, a woman herself, has found a way to be sexist. She’s expressed these views on her twitter. “Honestly, letting women vote in this country wasn’t one of the best ideas,” she wrote. Females vote with emotion and overwhelmingly support Democratic feel-good policies that take away our ACTUAL rights. I’d rather lose my ‘right’ to vote than lose my right to defend myself with a firearm!” I honestly don’t understand how a woman can try to oppress herself. Trying to stop women from voting dishonors all of the work that suffragists did. It also sets our society several steps back from equality, which has not even been achieved yet. Making statements like that is absolutely ridiculous. 

As if promoting homophobia, racism, sexism, and inaccurate information is not enough for one person, Bennett has also called Democrats mentally ill. Outrageous statements like this do not encourage conversation and political discourse; they discourage anyone from having a different opinion. Meanwhile, she thinks she can say whatever she wants, but as soon as someone disagrees with her she threatens them. “You know I carry, right,” Bennett says. This is a clear threat, and let’s be honest, what is she going to do, shoot someone? Saying that is an empty desperate threat she resorts to when she has nothing else to say. 

Last, but certainly not least, Kaitlin Bennett runs the YouTube channel “Liberty Hangout.” On this account, she walks around with a whole camera system, which she uses to videotape her conversations. She clearly does hatchet jobs on the tape, and people have asked her not to record, but nonetheless she still does. Her views are problematic and promote discrimination along with primitive thinking. She teaches people that you can say whatever you want even if it is homophobic, racist, sexist, or inaccurate.