Implications of the death of RBG


If you keep up with politics at all, you know that recently Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away from cancer. She was the loudest voice on the Supreme Court for women’s, LGBTQ+, civil, and human rights. Ginsberg’s death is not just sad; it is horrifying to any marginalized group in this country.

Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and President Trump have been moving quickly to try to appoint a new, conservative justice before the conclusion of his first term. This attempt is laden with hypocrisy, as some may be aware that McConnell blocked former President Obama’s attempt to appoint a new justice a whole year before his second term was over. Recently, the Trump Administration nominated Amy Coney Barrett. 

Only five years ago, in 2015, the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in the United States. Barrett is well known for being a hardcore Catholic who is incredibly anti-LGBTQ. Not only is she against gay marriage, but she also has intentionally misgendered members of the trans community. Barrett has insisted on “marriage and family founded on the indissoluble commitment of a man and a woman.” She has openly defended people who are against Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in the United States. Barrett has stated that she believes that Title IX should not extend to cover transgender women, because they are biologically born as males.

As if Barrett’s stance on LGBTQ rights weren’t bad enough, her opinions on reproductive rights are just as terrifying. Like I said before, Barrett is a devout Catholic, which obviously influences her stance on Roe V. Wade. She had said that abortion is always immoral, and she has made rulings to make access to safe abortions more difficult. If completely overturning Roe v. Wade is not possible like Trump hopes, Barrett will try to place extensive restrictions on abortions.

If you thought she couldn’t get any worse, you would be wrong. Barrett wants to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which would prevent over one million Americans from having access to safe healthcare and would stop protections on people with pre-existing conditions. This would be a massive step back for our country, making us one of the few advanced countries without some form of government-provided healthcare.

Barrett has stood by a ruling that allows companies to separate workers by race, which is eerily similar to the “separate but equal” position. The separate but equal position would take our country back 100 years and is a threat to civil rights here in America. When it comes to immigration, Barrett has sided with rulings that make it increasingly difficult for immigrants to apply and receive green cards. She voted against Cook County v. Wolf, which would not allow the Trump administration to create a barrier for low-income immigrants. 

Since the passing of RBG, the Supreme Court has had the opportunity to flip the majority over to the conservatives. This empty seat is a threat to every group of people whose rights have been voted on in the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett is a staunch conservative Catholic and in many cases votes based on her religious values. All of the progress the United States has made towards equality for all, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, could easily be reversed, taking us back hundreds of years.