Jessica Mulligan goes the distance

In the Middle

After competitively running for six years, eighth-grader Jessica Mulligan is now running with the KO Upper School cross country team. “Running is one of my passions,” Jessica said when commenting on her love of setting higher goals and working to achieve them. 

Outside of school, Jessica runs for the Central Connecticut Jaguars (CCJ) cross country program. She decided to try out for the Upper School team this year after conferring with Middle School cross country Coach Jane Repp. Jessica’s goal-oriented mindset and desire to challenge and push herself motivated her decision to try out for the high school team. Mrs. Repp spoke about Jessica’s attitude and performance. “[Jessica is] very committed, I can tell she enjoys it,” Mrs. Repp said. “She is motivated and responds well to feedback.” 

Jessica likes talking to her group while running. “[She] was not judgemental at all,” seventh-grader Vivianne Beaule said. “It was very fun.” 

In addition to her participation in the KO and CCJ teams, Jessica also competed in the New York City Junior Championship, almost breaking a six-minute mile and competed in the 800-yard sprints which she enjoyed. 

In the future, Jessica plans on returning to cross country as she reveals her love for the sport, her coaches, and her teammates.