KO admissions adapts to changes

In the Middle

The Kingswood Oxford community has had some major adjustments to make in response to COVID-19 restrictions and protocol. One of the many aspects of our community that has had to change the most is the admissions process.  

KO is now offering virtual tours and, for the first time, has a test-optional policy.  “There are many things that have changed this year in the admissions process,” Senior Associate Director of Admissions Meredith Crowther said. 

Some students, when speaking about their experience with the admissions process, shared their favorite memories. “I was pretty scared at first, but once I started it was okay,” eighth-grader Daniela Tippner said about the admissions staff. “Thank you, you helped me through a lot of it.”   

Eighth-grader Graham Wiggenhauser agreed. “It was really easy,” he said. “I came in for an interview, and I took a test, and they were all really nice, and it was a good experience for me.  I think that they’re doing a good job and keep up what they’re doing.” 

The Admissions department is working very hard to make sure that new students will have a good impression of KO despite all the limitations and restrictions.