Kathleen McLean joins KO from Chase Collegiate


This year, Kathleen McLean joins the Kingswood Oxford community as an Upper School Spanish teacher. 

Ms. McLean has a B.A. in American studies from Wesleyan University and an M.A. in the romance languages from Duke University. 

Before coming to KO, Ms. McLean taught at the Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury. She has taught predominantly Spanish but has also done some work in French and in English. 

Ms. McLean started teaching in graduate school, and that was when she began to consider pursuing teaching as a legitimate career. “Teaching was a nice skill to fall back on,” she said, “and I would say I honestly just love working with students and the variety of personalities. I love to see people learn, and I love it when something clicks in someone’s head and the lightbulb goes off and they get really excited.”

One of Ms. McLean’s favorite hobbies is yoga, and she even used to advise a meditation club at the Chase Collegiate School “One of the many downsides to COVID-19 is that I can’t go to my yoga studio,” she said.

Over quarantine, Ms. McLean fell back into reading for pleasure, and she has enjoyed walking her dog, Luna, in her free time. She also enjoys listening to music when she gets the chance.

The KO community welcomes Ms. McLean warmly.