Fashionista of the Month: Olivia Kittleman


Junior Olivia Kittleman shows her fun and trendy style every day in her fashion-forward outfits that never disappoint. 

Some of her favorite clothing stores to shop at include Zara, Aerie, and H&M. When she’s not finding fashion gems at new retail stores, Olivia loves to explore different thrift stores. “Shopping at second-hand stores has become a hobby for me,” Olivia said. “At thrift stores, it is always easy to find unique pieces.” 

In addition to clothing pieces, accessories are essential in Olivia’s wardrobe, especially gold jewelry. “In almost all of my outfits, I wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings,” she said. “I have gotten into gold jewelry more and more. I used to only wear silver jewelry, but gold has grown on me.” Olivia believes that jewelry can add the finishing touch to any outfit and that it truly pulls a look together. Olivia has mastered the skill of assembling accessories and clothing into put-together looks. 

Olivia describes her style as chic, and she loves making bold fashion statements. She gathers most of her fashion inspiration from social media influencers Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain. “They always give me ideas for different outfits that I can wear with the clothes I already have,” Olivia said. “Both of them have very different styles, and it’s fun to be creative and mix them together.” 

Olivia’s adventurous and daring style definitely makes her a trendsetter in the KO community. “I do like to think of myself as a trendsetter because I love to wear things that no one has or that no one has seen before,” Olivia said. “I love trying out different styles with different kinds of clothes as well.”

Olivia is able to find the adorable fashion-forward pieces that make up her wardrobe without breaking the bank. “I always shop on a budget, as I don’t like spending an absurd amount of money on one piece of clothing,” she said. “I always look at a store’s clearance section first because I can almost always find something I like for a good price, and then I look at the rest of what a store has.” Looking her best everyday while also shopping on a budget is an impressive skill that Olivia has learned. “That is why I like to go thrifting,” she said, “because I can find such cute clothes for cheap and put them together to make my outfit look expensive.”  

Olivia’s style tends to differ from the school week to the weekend. At school, she likes to wear more professional clothes, while on the weekend, her style is a bit more relaxed. “I like to keep the clothes I wear to school more classy, while I have more freedom on the weekends to wear anything I like,” Olivia said. “On the weekends, I wear more ripped jeans and crop tops, while at school I like to be more modest.”

Olivia also loves to play around with colors when picking out her outfits. One of the fashion trends that Olivia has been exploring lately is pastel monochrome outfits. In addition to pastels, Olivia tends to gravitate toward white clothing. 

As Fashionista of the Month, Olivia’s advice to everyone is to not dress based on what others might think. “Wear what makes you feel good and powerful, inside and out,” Olivia said.