KO athletics rise above COVID-19 challenges

In the Middle

Though the school year brought on many new changes, sports at KO have not changed. With all the restrictions, playing contact sports has been difficult; however, KO’s athletic department has worked hard to make sure fall sports can still happen this year.

This year there are two choices for sports: Path A and Path B. Path A is regular season sports such as field hockey, soccer, football, volleyball and cross country. Path B is a new program for students who don’t want to play on a sports team but instead have different activities to do after school during sports time. 

Eighth-grader Meghan Jo feels that Path B was a perfect option for her this year, as she did not want to return to playing field hockey like she did last year. In fact, she believes it should happen every year. “I think it should so people who don’t like sports that much can do something different,” she said. 

For the beginning of the season, the Path B students are teaming up with cross country and learning cross country basics.

Both the participants and coaches are excited to be back, despite the restrictions of mask-wearing unless while running, social distancing and lack of competitions with other schools.

“I’m really enjoying coaching cross country, being able to just run with the students, seeing them improve,” cross country Coach Megan Farrell said. 

Even with no games, the girls soccer team is training as much as they would in a regular season, focusing more on sprints, passing and shooting drills since contact is prohibited with the six feet social distancing rule. Eighth-grader Maya Gerrits is returning to soccer this year, ready to face these changes. With all the restrictions, Maya is still enjoying the soccer season, “I get to see people and it’s nice to see what people look like so I don’t really mind it,” she said.