Krista Sahrbeck settles in as new dean of students


Dean of Students Krista Sahrbeck is excited to be back in New England! The Maine native comes to KO after fifteen years in Colorado at the Kent Denver School. For nine of those fifteen years, Ms. Sahrbeck served as a Dean of Students. 

“The Dean of Students had a different role than they do here,” Ms. Sahrbeck explained. “They functioned like a form dean; they would follow a specific class through graduation.” She also worked in the admissions office, and coached three sports: girls soccer, boys soccer, and girls basketball. “In Colorado, boys and girls soccer were in different seasons, so I actually could coach both,” she said. At Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where she attended as an undergraduate, Ms. Sahrbeck was a standout athlete on the women’s soccer and basketball teams. She eventually went on to play soccer semi-professionally after college. 

After fifteen years at her school in Colorado, Ms. Sahrbeck was excited for a change of scenery. She was a finalist at three different prep schools, two of which were international, but KO was ultimately the place for her. “What really sealed the deal for me was my visit and interview,” she said. “The students were very approachable and curious, and the faculty was the same: friendly and outgoing.” 

Ms. Sahrbeck made the move with her ten-year-old dog, Bear, that she got as a puppy. She hopes to eventually get the clearance to bring Bear to KO’s campus by training her to be a therapy dog this summer, and noted how Bear brought support and companionship to her and students at her former campus. 

Ms. Sahrbeck started her official position as Dean of Students on July 1, but has been preparing since April, taking advantage of Zoom meetings when she was still in Colorado. 

As dean of students, Ms. Sahrbeck facilitates student life at KO and manages disciplinary action. She also currently serves as Head Coach for varsity girls soccer at KO, and expressed excitement and optimism at how the season has progressed so far. 

“I’m so happy with my decision to work here at KO”, she said, “and I am so glad that we are able to welcome students back in person, even if it’s behind a mask. I’m excited to see what else is yet to come and to work with students as we tackle this challenge together.”