Senior Spotlight: Colin Ruiz


The COVID pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the sports recruiting process for high school athletes this year, including those at Kingswood Oxford due to the cancellation of interscholastic competition for fall sports. Skipping a season of sports can cause problems in the recruiting process of athletes, as seniors may miss their last year to showcase their skills to scouts. All the freshmen, sophomore, and junior athletes are missing out on a season where they could have showcased their talent to college scouts and add to their highlight reels.

Senior center-mid Captain Colin Ruiz of the varsity boys soccer team was impacted negatively by the pandemic for these reasons. “COVID has impacted my recruiting process in the way that it has been difficult to play competitive soccer and showcase myself in front of college coaches,” Ruiz said. 

Although COVID-19 hasn’t made the recruiting process any easier, Ruiz is learning to deal with the challenges ahead of him by working a lot harder. “I am dealing with this pandemic by staying in constant communication with all my college contacts,” he said, “and also I have been creating and sending in highlight reels that I have made with the games I played in over the summer and throughout my high school career.” Ruiz is staying very proactive during this tough time by focusing on contacting all the colleges that he is interested in. Through his hard work, he is getting very close to being finished with his college recruitment process and being accepted into a college.

With all the extra time that COVID-19 has given him, Ruiz has not been wasting any of it, especially over this past summer as he has been training nonstop. “I am working a lot harder since I have to adapt to new situations,” he said. “Over the summer I trained a lot, almost two to three times a day, and I played in as many competitive soccer games as possible,” Ruiz said. Ruiz encourages all athletes at KO to make sure they are being proactive and staying on top of their training, as well as to make sure they are contacting any and all colleges they are interested in.

Ruiz was disappointed to hear that he might not get the chance to play soccer his last season at KO; he was looking forward to having a terrific last season to end his Kingswood Oxford soccer career. However, he is hoping that the team will be able to play in a few scrimmages before the season ends. “I was looking forward to the KO season with the boys,” he said. “Now that times are changing, I need to adapt to these new challenges ahead of me, but I am still hoping that there will be a couple of games played this soccer season.”

We’re excited to see where Ruiz’s soccer skills will take him and wish him luck with the rest of the recruiting process!