New Wyverns, new times

In the Middle

Being a new teacher or student at the Kingswood Oxford Middle School can be a challenge, but adding the coronavirus and all of the precautions that come with it to the mix makes it even more challenging.

When asked if COVID-19 has added difficulty or pressure to transitioning to KO, new students and teachers had varying opinions.

“I think in a lot of ways it made being a new teacher easier in some ways because it actually leveled the playing field,” Spanish teacher Tricia Crowley said. “It’s all new to everyone, and I’m learning about wiping down desks and students wearing masks and so is everyone else.”

Sixth-grader Beckett Dodd had a different opinion. “It is harder because sometimes people can’t hear you with the masks on,” he said, “and you have kind of a harder time talking to people that much because you have to be six feet away from them and it’s harder to meet new people.”

Eighth-grader Alex Segal agreed with Beckett. “I think it is a little bit harder because now you have to be apart from everybody, and it’s harder to introduce yourself and for people to get to know you,” he said.

Despite the added difficulty of being new and having to adapt to all of the new COVID-19 restrictions, Ms. Crowley, Alex, and Beckett all agreed that KO is a warm community and has made them feel very welcomed.