Green Go, Red No

In the Middle

Each day, in order to ensure that everyone is free of COVID-19 symptoms, all KO students, faculty and staff must fill out the Ascend platform before coming to school.

At the Middle School, Administrative Coordinator Brittany Dix is in charge of the Ascend platform. In the beginning of the year, each student had to show their phone screen to one of the form deans in the drop off line before coming inside. A few weeks ago, however, instead of having students show their phone screens, Ms. Dix would check to see who has a green screen, who has a red screen, as well as who has not filled out their Ascend before coming to school. 

“When they come out of the car and they had to show the screen, that was easy because they couldn’t get into the building without a green screen,” Ms. Dix said, when asked about the new protocol to check students’ results at school. “But now I’ve been pulling kids out of class because they forgot to do it. And it’s difficult because sometimes they will get a red screen and I’ll have to send them home.” 

On the other hand, when asked about what she thought about the new question that asked if everyone was putting honest results in, Ms. Dix replied that it is helpful because she does sometimes worry that kids are falsely putting in results if they forget to do it.

For students, the experience has been different. Eighth-graders Izzie Medelovici and Meredith Decker have similar opinions about the Ascend Platform. They agree that there are some challenges to using Ascend. “For me, I’d say the hardest part would be that I forget to do it sometimes and have come to the point of having a thermometer in the car for when I forget,” Meredith said. They also agree that using Ascend at home seems like it is much easier than lining up and taking their temperature each morning. Although, with all these challenges, they both still agree that using Ascend each morning is definitely worth it to be back in school.

For students who struggle to remember to use Ascend every morning, Izzie offers some advice. “Set a reminder to fill it out before you leave in the mornings,” she said, “and soon you fall into a routine of doing it.”