‘The Good Place’ does not disappoint


“The Good Place,” released in 2016, has been out for a couple of years now, but recently on September 26, season four, the final season was added to Netflix which caused additional excitement around the show. 

Prior to its new arrival on Netflix, season four premiered on Hulu. This addition to Netflix was a relief to me because I had already watched the other three seasons and was upset that I was unable to watch the last season without a Hulu subscription. “The Good Place” is a comedy television series that has been a hit show ever since it was first released and is still popular today.

Right off the bat, the show commences with Eleanor Shellstrop, portrayed by Kristen Bell, finding out she is dead. She is welcomed after her death to what is known as the “good place.” This universe is a heaven-like perfect world, created by afterlife architect Michael, played by Ten Danson. The “good place” is portrayed as a heavenly place where nothing can go wrong, or so Eleanor thinks. Only the best of the best belong in this so-called “good place” after their death, and everyone else is sent to the “bad place” where they are tortured for eternity. After death, everyone is assigned a score that is dependent on their morality in life. Only the people with the highest scores are sent to the “good place” to experience eternal happiness.

As Eleanor gets adjusted to this utopia, she starts to become skeptical of the whole situation and begins to notice how certain things don’t add up. Due to her imperfect past behavior on Earth, Eleanor comes to the conclusion that she was sent here by mistake and strives hard to not get caught or else she will get sent to the “bad place.” She works towards becoming a morally ethical person.

In the “good place,” everyone is assigned to live with a person who is depicted as their real “soulmate.” Eleanor’s “soulmate,” Chidi, played by William Jackson Harper, in his time on Earth was an ethics professor. The two of them work together to help Eleanor become a better person to fit in the “good place.”

Eleanor and Chidi become close with soulmates Tahani, played by Jameela Jamil, and Jason, played by Manny Jacinto, and the four of them encounter numerous obstacles and discoverings throughout the whole series.

This show has more twists than I could have ever imagined. As I watched the series, the several unforeseen events in the plot continued to amaze me. Just when you think something is going to happen, something completely unexpected happens and will absolutely blow your mind. I loved this show so much that I rewatched all four seasons again, and even though I knew what was going to happen, it still proceeded to shock and entertain me.

Some shows can be predictable, but with “The Good Place,” I was always prepared to be surprised and astonished. In each episode something new occurred, adding to the amusement of the show.

This show consists of four seasons and 53 episodes. Although there are a lot of episodes, it was still a quick watch for me because after I watched one episode it provided me with a cliff hanger and left me always wanting to watch more.

My friend recommended this show to me and encouraged me to watch it. At first, I was hesitant to watch it, due to the plot sounding strange, but I am pleased that I did because it instantly became a favorite show of mine. I did not want the show to end because it really drew me in. There is so much that happens throughout all four seasons, that I do not want to spoil, so I strongly recommend you watch “The Good Place.” It is such an attention-grabbing show that will immediately hook you and leave you wanting more.