COVID-19 and its effects on activities

In the Middle

Over the past few months, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on many of the students and teachers at the Middle School. In particular, COVID-19 has led to increased feelings of boredom. Therefore, both students and teachers alike have taken up new activities and have found new interests during this time.

The pandemic, among other things, has greatly changed the way certain activities operate, most notably sports. “Covid has affected my family because they have not been able to be at my sports games,” eighth-grader Ysabel Albert said.  

English teacher Beth Repp said, “I have been walking a lot outside which has helped me physically and mentally, and it is nice to go outside.” Like Mrs. Repp, sixth-grader Taylor Benavides has also taken up a new interest. “I have gotten into more of a routine in the morning consisting of skincare,” Taylor said. As a result of this, Taylor feels more organized and put-together. 

Mrs. Repp, Taylor, and Ysabel also expressed regrets over some of their new habits. “I regret being on my phone all day,” Mrs. Repp said. Taylor agreed, also noting that she wishes she didn’t spend as much time watching TV. Ysabel regrets sitting idle on the couch on days when there is no school.

Although over the course of quarantine many have experienced a loss of motivation, Mrs. Repp, Ysabel, and Taylor all hope to keep up a healthy, exciting lifestyle despite the pandemic’s limitations. “I do not really want to waste any of my time and I just wanted to be happy,” Mrs. Repp said.

Moreover, although COVID-19 has hindered many from taking part in the activities they love, thereby creating lots of boredom, many have found new and interesting hobbies or have brought back old ones.