Epic-featured artist Ashley Taffe impresses


Talented painter and sketch artist junior Ashley Taffe is this month’s well-deserved Artist of the Month. An artist at heart, Ashley has been using different styles of art as a form of expression for many years. 

“I first started taking art seriously in second grade,” she said. “My parents saw that I had liked art and enrolled me in an after-school art school, The Connecticut Art School.” Located in South Windsor, The Connecticut Art School was an inspiring and encouraging space where Ashley was able to work on and create art. 

One of the most appealing aspects of art to Ashley is its diversity. She has started branching out more with the materials she uses. “Recently, I’ve enjoyed using ink to do ink drawings,” Ashley said. “I’ve also really enjoyed using acrylics more, which I hadn’t used often.” Ink drawing, which Ashley specializes in, is an art form in which one uses pens to apply dark ink, usually onto white paper, which displays contrast in a piece. 

Acrylic painting, which Ashley has been using more frequently over the past few months, uses acrylic paint, which is a fast-drying chemical-based paint. Ashley recently had one of her paintings entitled “Water Lilies” featured in KO’s literary and arts magazine, epic. “‘Water Lilies’ is definitely one of my favorite pieces I’ve made,” she said. 

There are multiple aspects that draw artists to their work. For Ashley, it’s the element of fun and relaxation. “I try not to take my work too seriously,” she said. “For me, art is just a way to lose control. It’s not a big deal to make a mistake there, or miss a straight line here.” 

Right now, Ashley is working on ink-sketches based on body positivity. “I’m drawing women in different poses, with different body types, and I’m really enjoying that little project I’m doing right now,” Ashley said. Be sure to check out the epic website to see Ashley’s pieces and look out in the future for more of her works!