‘Zach Snyder’s Justice League’


Following three years of fan-driven social media demand, “Batman vs. Superman” and “Man of Steel” director Zach Snyder released his vision for “Zach Snyder’s Justice League.” The 2017 film “Justice League” was directed by Snyder but was quickly taken over by Joss Wheadon due to a personal matter. The new reshoot adds almost two hours more of crazed fan action, new heroes and villains, and reshoots of the original film. This article will identify many of the significant changes and additions to “Zach Snyder’s Justice League.”

Cinematic Approaches 

The most significant difference was a climatic element; the theatrical cut was filmed in the standard aspect ratio of 16:9, also known as high definition. On the other hand, the Synder cut is filmed in the aspect ratio of 4:3, or standard definition. Zach Synder also envisioned his film in noir, black and white, releasing both a colored version and “Zach Synder’s Justice League: Justice is Gray.” A disclaimer, the theatrical cut was rated PG-13, but the Snyder cut is rated R for violence and language.

New Heros and Protagonists

Another significant difference between the two editions is the addition of characters. Each of the six league heroes had extra personal characters included. For Aquaman, these characters included his friend, Mera, and his mentor, Vulko. In The Flash’s story, we see future love interest Iris Allen and his father, Henry Allen. Cyborg’s story had the most character development, including his mother Elinore Stone and father Silas Stone. Batman’s characters include a lot more of Alfred Pennyworth, and there is also the Martian Manhunter cameo. Superman’s plot had his wife Lois Lane, mother Martha Kent, and his new amazon dark suit. The final League member, Wonder Woman, gains more camera time with other Amazonians and her family.

New Villains and Antagonists 

The most significant character addition was of the villain, Darkseid. The theatrical cut’s villain was Steppenwolf. While he is still an integral part of Snyder’s cut, Darkseid is the overarching antagonist adding a very dark tone. We also see the addition of DeSaad, Darkseid’s right-hand man who primarily connects with Steppenwolf showing great disappointment.

Plot Differences and Character Development

Some plot differences include that Steppenwolf does not attempt to conquer earth against the Atlantians, Amazons, and the Old Gods, but in Synder’s version, a young and eager Darkseid loses against the big three. We also see a significant change with the motive of villain Steppenwolf; years ago, he betrayed his leader Darkseid, and the path to regaining trust is through conquering Earth. On the hero’s side, Cyborg is given a much more pivotal role in stopping Steppenwolf; his background is more apparent and provides a more meaningful end to the story arc. The Flash also has a crucial role in the story and is portrayed as a young character but someone aware of their limitations as a time-traveling superhero.

Timelines and the Snyderverse

The term dubbed the “Synderverse” refers to the cinematic saga built around Zach Synder’s DC Extended Universe films. “Zach Synder’s Justice League” makes many connections to previous movies and a post-credit that identifies the future of this cinematic saga. The post-credit scene includes Jared Leto’s Joker, Ezra Miller’s The Flash, Amber Heard’s Mera, Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke in an alternate dystopian future where Henry Cavil as Superman is pitted against them. Throughout the film, flashbacks show a dead Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Lois Lane, possibly the cause of Superman’s change. These scenes relate to the “Batman vs. Superman” clip where The Flash time travels to solve this crisis. Warner Bros has decided not to continue the Snyderverse, but relentless fans tweet under the hashtag #restorethesynderverse in hopes of reversing this decision. 

After comparing the two films, I would say that “Zach Synder’s Justice League” came out on top, and I would definitely recommend this movie to fans of drama, superheroes, and nail-biting action.