Field hockey looks to new beginnings with new coach Chapin Yates


What makes a good coach? Positivity, pride, and passion? This upcoming season, the field hockey program will be welcoming Head Coach Chapin Yates, who embodies these values on and off the field. 

Coach Yates’ background in the sport is overwhelmingly impressive. She attended Brooks School in North Andover, Mass., where she was named high school All-American twice and Independent School League All-Star. She then went on to play field hockey for four years at Boston College, where she was a dominant force on offense, leading the team to 44 wins. She was named the All-Atlantic Coast Conference Player.

While this may be her first time as a head coach, she has proved her knowledge and experience by coaching at numerous summer camps throughout New England. “I’m thrilled for what is ahead at KO,” Coach Yates said. “I’m looking forward to bringing my field hockey experience and knowledge to KO by challenging the girls to push themselves to grow physically and mentally.”

Coach Yates is familiar with the dynamic of athletes and coaches at private schools from her time at Brooks School. “I chose KO because the culture is centered around the importance of a community, integrity, respect and honesty,” said Coach Yates. “I hope to make great relationships and am eager to be a leader and mentor on and off the field with the girls.” The KO community can’t wait to meet her and see her around campus. 

There’s no doubt that Coach Yates is passionate about the sport. She wants to make an impact on the community and share her knowledge and love for field hockey. “What makes me special as a coach is my ability to keep the love of the sport alive,” Coach Yates said. “As a coach, I want the girls to strive to be their best and work hard but also have fun along the way.”

Coach Yates brings a refreshing attitude to the sport. She is a natural leader and is already widely respected by the players she has met. “My coaching style is centered around positivity, pride, and passion,” Coach Yates said. “I want to instill the importance of team culture, work ethic and respect.”

With vaccines being distributed and pandemic restrictions subsiding, the KO community is welcoming new beginnings with open arms. Coach Yates is the perfect addition to the athletic department. “I see myself readily taking on any challenges and adapting quickly throughout the season because of my proactive and organized approach to life,” Coach Yates said. 

The field hockey program and the athletic department alike are looking forward to next fall and can’t wait to see Coach Yates and the field hockey team in action.