KO says farewell to Mrs. Lynd


After seven dedicated years of teaching, science teacher Natalie Lynd is saying goodbye to KO to return to her hometown of Plainfield, New Hampshire. There, she will begin her new job at Kimball Union Academy, while her husband, science teacher Noah Lynd, establishes a rock climbing gym. 

Mrs. Lynd is a lover of running and the outdoors, and she is widely known on campus for her adventurous spring breaks and summer vacations with Mr. Lynd. She leads a highly athletic lifestyle and offers her talents to the KO community in the form of assistant coaching both the cross country and track teams.  

Mrs. Lynd isn’t afraid to get involved, and she often runs the teams’ workouts in order to give her athletes encouragement and support, even if she already completed a personal run that day. “Some of my favorite memories will definitely be from coaching cross country,” she said. “It’s a fantastic group of girls, and we just have a blast… whether it’s going to get sweets, ice cream at Sweet Frog, or those team dinners, it’s always a good time.” 

When Mrs. Lynd isn’t out running, you can find her teaching math or science to the underclassmen. Mrs. Lynd has taught geometry, environmental science, and biology. She first began her teaching journey in the Middle School but soon transitioned into the Upper School. There, she has created lasting connections with both teachers and students alike.

During her time at KO, Mrs. Lynd has grown to love various community traditions and wishes that they could have continued during her final year. “I really miss Hewett Day, and the dance that night was always so fun,” Mrs. Lynd said. She also participated in several activities at KO that combined science and the outdoors, two of her personal passions. “My first year here, I went on a trip to the Bahamas with Mr. Allerton and 12 students, and that was amazing,” she said. 

Before Mrs. Lynd starts her new job, she plans to spend the summer hiking and climbing in the Midwest with Mr. Lynd. Every summer, they take time to disconnect from their phones in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. After their summer adventures, the two will move into their new home, and Mrs. Lynd will start her new job teaching and coaching at Kimball Union Academy this coming August. 

Mrs. Lynd encourages those new to the KO community to be proactive in shaping their experience. “I encourage all students and faculty to make the most of their time here,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. There’s a lot of opportunity here, for those willing to look for it.”

While all of KO will miss Mrs. Lynd’s enthusiasm and athleticism dearly, we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!