Mr. Lynd leaves KO to scale new heights


After six years of teaching at KO, science teacher Noah Lynd has decided to embark on a new chapter in his life. Following his passion for teaching and rock climbing, Mr. Lynd is looking forward to moving to New Hampshire and opening a rock climbing gym upon his departure.

Looking back on his years at KO, Mr. Lynd will miss the incredible staff and the students he has taught throughout his career. “I will miss the interactions with students and colleagues, the balance between a frantic pace and breaks, and getting to be outside every day,” Mr. Lynd said.

Mr. Lynd has worked with many students at KO as a science teacher, coach, and advisor.  One of his advisees, senior Melissa Hasbrouck, will remember his enthusiasm and generosity as she heads off to college.  “He really cares about his students and is always so generous,” she said. “On our last day of advisee group, he went out of his way to bring in a special celebratory treat. He is always open to suggestions as well, letting us hold advisee group outside or playing Crazy Eights with us.”

Mr. Lynd shared his passion for rock climbing with his advisee group and, in doing so, created unforgettable bonds and memories between him and his students. “Mr. Lynd was kind enough to take our group rock climbing.” Melissa said. “We spent a good number of hours learning various rock climbing techniques and chatting with him. Overall, I and all my fellow advisees had an amazing time. Considering that I haven’t heard of any other advisee groups embarking on activities such as rock climbing, I think this really shows just how much Mr. Lynd cares about and wants to get to know his students.” 

Mr. Lynd was always willing to have meaningful conversations with his students and give much-needed advice to any member of the KO community who sought his guidance. In particular, Mr. Lynd constantly encouraged his students to put away their phones and experience life beyond a screen.  

Mr. Lynd’s parting advice to students is to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. “Do things that are difficult, but not all of the difficult things,” he said. 

One of Mr. Lynd’s favorite feelings was ending a productive class, knowing that his students made important connections to the material.  Leaving KO, we hope he has a similar feeling, knowing that he changed the lives of many students during his years on campus.

We thank Mr. Lynd for everything he has done to improve the lives of those around him and for all of his hard work during his time at KO.  He was a very valuable addition to the KO community, and we wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.