MS students looking forward to summer despite covid

In the Middle

More than ever, students of Kingswood Oxford are looking forward to summer fun. There is only one problem: COVID-19 is not over yet and there will be precautions taken. Only a few months before summer, students and teachers have shared their thoughts on summer with COVID-19.

All of the students that were asked about their summer had big plans. “I have a beach house that he will be at for most of the summer, and they have a lot of rules regarding COVID-19 in Madison,” seventh-grader Wade Crowther said. While some view last summer as a preview of what this year might look like, and others view that increased vaccinations and a slowed pandemic will make this summer more ideal for travel. 

Since different places follow different guidelines, this summer will look different for KO students who are traveling around the east coast.  Eighth-grader Graham Wiggenhauser will be going to Watch Hill, RI. “There are not many restrictions in Watch Hill besides dining, stores, and wearing a mask,” said Graham. 

On the other hand, Spanish teacher Duncan Sewall will be attending graduate school in Middlebury, Vermont. “I will have to wear a mask at all times, quarantine before and after I go, and be socially distant even though a lot of people are vaccinated including myself,” Mr. Sewall said. 

Many students, including those who are not traveling, will be taking advantage of outdoor activities including golf, tennis, or going to the beach, since COVID-19 is not transmitted as easily in outdoor spaces. “COVID-19 will not affect my summer very much, because besides sleeping, I am outside almost all the time,” Graham said. 

It appears that the KO community will have a great summer, because when asked how much of summer they will be able to enjoy, answers ranged from 80%-100%.