Pinterest: an inspiration in many ways

In the Middle

Whether it is crafts, style, or accessories, many students rely on Pinterest for inspiration. 

Math teacher Stacey Tomkiel often uses Pinterest as a source of her famous life hacks that she shares during assemblies.“I don’t usually use it for fashion,” she said, “I usually use it for life hacks sometimes or I use it for projects around the house.”

For others, though, Pinterest has an impact on style. 

“It’s kind of like I look at the trends, then put my own thing in it,” sixth-grader Lidia Martinez-Castro said when asked how Pinterest impacts their style.

Eighth-grader Isabella Mendelovici agrees with Lidia regarding how Pinterest influences her style. “My style has changed because I have old boards that I don’t like anymore,” she said. Isabella also enjoys finding accessories and manicure ideas on Pinterest. “I love Pinterest, I spend a lot of time on it.”

Pinterest seems to be enjoyed by many people. Ms. Tomkiel enjoys the organization a lot. “There are so many creative people out there,” she said. I also use it for some teaching inspiration too. You can find so much stuff all in the same place, and I like that you can organize it all.”

Lidia also recommends Reddit and Tumblr for those who enjoy Pinterest.

Pinterest offers its users an endless number of possibilities. Whether it’s to seek out the latest fashion trends or to get your hands on useful life hacks, Pinterest is enjoyed by many.