Students, teachers prepare for upcoming spring concert

In the Middle

Band director Todd Millen dealt with many changes as he prepared students for the concert.  Due to COVID-19 protocols, the brass, percussion, and woodwinds have practiced separately this year and have focused on skill building and technique. When case  numbers didn’t jump as high as Mr. Millen thought, an outdoor spring concert came into consideration. 

Mr. Millen said that there were many aspects to consider when it comes to preparing students for concerts. Throughout the year, students were taught the basic skills like scales, arpeggios and rudiments. “The pieces we play drill in important skills and rhythms that create a giant dance,” Mr. Millen said.

Eighth-grader Meghan Jo, a flute and clarinet player, was excited to finally perform on stage again. Meghan had spent lots of time practicing at home and in school as she prepared for the concert. “Concerts are one of the best parts of performing in a band. They show off and showcase what I have learned throughout the year,” Meghan said.

Sixth-grader Brooks Berthiaume, a percussionist, has enjoyed focusing on his instrument with other percussionists. Brooks felt that focusing on technique throughout the year helped him prepare for the concert. To learn the concert music, Brooks spent lots of time studying the notes and rhythms of the pieces he was playing.  

Overall, Brooks was excited to perform because it had been over a year since his last concert. “Participating in band and band concerts makes me feel like I’m a part of something important and special that I can learn from,” Brooks said.  

After not being able to perform for so long, many students were excited to showcase the arts.