Sayulita’s Skirt Steak Fajitas


My all-time favorite restaurant just so happens to be located five minutes down the road from my house. Sayulita is a Mexican-style restaurant that was built in an old historic house on the old Main Street of South Glastonbury. It is a rustic, light blue house decorated with succulents and teal accents. The atmosphere is young and hip, with fun music playing and TVs displaying the latest sports games above the bar. I had been to Sayulita countless times, and each time I went, I ordered the same enchiladas. Still, when another table was served a plate of sizzling hot fajitas, I immediately thought: “I am going to get that next time.” I’ve basically memorized the menu, so without even thinking, I ordered the enchiladas every time. But after many times of wishing, when the waiter came to our table, the smell of caramelized vegetables sparked my memory. I ordered the skirt steak fajitas for the first time and eagerly anticipated the sizzling sound of the steak to come around the corner. 

The fajitas were everything I imagined. A flaming hot skillet was placed in front of me and my mouth instantly watered. The smell of caramelized smoke filled the booth. The skillet was full of onions, peppers, and squash, topped with a piece of sliced, seared steak. The steak was savory but had a hint of sweetness, and the jalapeños in the vegetable mix gave the steak a little bit of heat. The dish came with three tortillas, a side of guacamole, fresh salsa, and sour cream. I grabbed a tortilla and placed a little bit of everything in it – vegetables, steak, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream – folded it up, and took a bite. Although the steak was slightly chewy and difficult to bite, the flavors made up for it. The cilantro in the guacamole paired perfectly with the freshness of the tomato salsa. The tangy steak was seasoned excellently and the vegetables brought a fresh, sweet, and spicy flavor to my mouth. The steak was cooked perfectly temperature-wise, not too under or overdone. The vegetables were cooked how I like my pasta – “al dente” – which gave them a wonderful crunch. I was so full after just two fajitas, probably because I had eaten way too much chips and queso earlier.

The entree was $27.00, which is pricey, but reasonable considering the amount of food and that it was a steak dish. I think it is worth getting for a special occasion dinner, but definitely not a staple meal during the week. 

The overall experience at Sayulita is amazing. Sayulita typically has a line of people out the door, even on weekdays, and a minimum wait of 45 minutes, but I was lucky enough to snag the last table when I walked in. The service was excellent and super-efficient. I ordered and was served within 30 minutes of being seated. I would definitely recommend heading to Sayulita if you get the chance to experience wonderful restaurant service and fantastic, mouth-watering cuisine all in one.