Science during the age of COVID-19

In the Middle

Teachers and students alike have adjusted their teaching and learning during the pandemic. To some, the class that has been affected the most is science class. However some feel that a class that has changed the most is science class. 

For Head of the Middle School science department Josh Garrison, COVID-19 has prevented his classes from doing all the fun activities and trips they used to do, especially during the first part of the year. “It’s affected the first half of the year a lot more than the second half,” he said. All of the trips in the beginning of the year were cancelled, which was disappointing to most of the grade. “We were planning on doing some multi day canoeing trips because our first unit this year was on water,” Mr. Garrison added. 

New students at KO have had an interesting first year. But most, including sixth-grader Nico Seymour, believe that this year’s science class has lived up to their expectations. “I think that science class has lived up to it, we’ve done a lot of experiments and labs which is what I thought,” Nico said. 

Eighth-grader Christian Gingeleskie had other expectations. “I thought we were going to do a lot of lab reports and writing assignments.” Christian expectations were very different from what this year’s science class was like. “We’ve done a lot more labs than I’ve done in the past at my other school.”

Although COVID-19 has restricted teachers from what they normally do in a normal year, most students believe that the teachers have handled science class during a pandemic very well. Nico Seymour has this to say, “I think that they’ve done a good job, it’s everything that I’ve expected.” Christian agrees, “I think that Mrs. Bailey has done a great job this year, one thing that maybe we could have done differently is get started a little bit quicker but besides that I think she’s done a great job.”

Most students have enjoyed this year even with the restrictions of COVID-19. This year in the science classrooms has been different than in the past but teachers have done all they can to keep it normal, and had an enjoyable and fun science class.