Sporting events now allowing minimal attendance

In the Middle

After a long year of being inside, people are eager to get active and go places. Kingswood Oxford  middle schoolers and teachers alike had strong opinions on COVID-19  restrictions loosening to the point where people can finally go to in-person events. Now that vaccination rates are on the rise, some may even argue that masks may no longer be necessary. 

You may have recently been watching something on TV and saw fans or spectators in the crowd. “I think that people need to be doing things, and if they can make it safe, attendance should be available,” history teacher Andy Krugman said. “When I am able to, I will attend in-person events,” seventh-grader Brandon Dalessio added.

Because stadiums are not allowing full capacity, tickets are in high demand and expensive. In Connecticut, one of the first events allowing near to full capacity is the Men’s NCAA D1 lacrosse National Championship coming up in late May. 

“Pro sports are starting to open up and I can go to highschool games,” said eighth-grader Dominic Trolio. People are doing whatever they can to be active, and people are traveling and paying big money just to be able to go to a game or concert.

During the times when no spectators were allowed at events, players were negatively affected. “Players feed off fans and fans feed off players,” Dominic said. Mr. Krugman agreed. “Doesn’t everyone want to play in front of a crowd?” he said. Dominic also felt that even the smaller crowds don’t feel the same for the performers because they don’t have the atmosphere that they thrive in, which is one with spirited crowds and lots of people. 

Furthermore, no in-person attendance has harmed spectators and players. With new policies of limited attendance allowed, people will do and enjoy something they love as an escape from the madness.