Dr. McIntosh making a difference


KO is delighted to welcome Donique McIntosh as the new Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Dr. McIntosh’s breadth of experience within her field will greatly benefit KO as she works to create a more diverse and equitable campus environment. 

Dr. McIntosh holds a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, two master’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Tennessee, and an undergraduate degree from Fisk University.

Since 2003, her educational work has taken her across the country, working at Smith College in Massachusetts, at Northwestern University in Illinois, and at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

 Dr. McIntosh was impressed by the unique student body and the strong community at KO, and, at the same time, she also noticed many areas of growth. The terms diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging each hold great meaning to her. 

She feels “diversity” means learning about the ways that we are different from one another and the unique social groups to which we belong. 

“Equity and inclusion” emphasize creating an environment where everyone can thrive, including people of color and those that are of marginalized social groups. “We’re making sure that those people have equal access and opportunity to do well, but also to belong,” she said.

The term “belonging” is one that she feels people can truly connect to since everybody wants to feel like they belong. “This year, I have been intentionally engaging people in conversation to try to get people thinking critically and intentionally about the kind of place that we want to be,” she said.

Dr. McIntosh’s main goals are to ensure that KO is a diverse community by increasing the racial and ethnic diversity of the students, faculty, and staff. “It mirrors the outside world,” she said, “but it also enriches the educational environment for us to be able to learn from people who are different from us.”

Dr. McIntosh is looking forward to learning more about KO students and their perspectives. Aside from educating, she is passionate about women’s basketball and enjoys watching movies and playing board games. Dr. McIntosh encourages any student who would like to talk to stop by her office, the Brave Space. KO is grateful to work with Dr. McIntosh, and we are appreciative of all that she will do for the community!