KO greets Ms. Wang in person


Kingswood Oxford is excited to welcome Chinese teacher Daphne Wang to the KO community. Ms. Wang started teaching online at KO midway through last year via Zoom, but she is thrilled to finally be on campus this year. “I love to be in-person,” she said. “I have more interactions with my students, and I get to know them much better.” 

Ms. Wang received her Master’s in Education from Indiana University and went on to teach at a Catholic school in Indiana prior to coming to KO. She has a total of 13 years of teaching experience under her belt and has been able to introduce exciting projects into her curriculum during that time. 

Ms. Wang takes a highly student-centered approach to teaching in order to immerse her students in Chinese culture. One of the projects she assigned to her students in her previous teaching position entailed going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering an Asian dish in Chinese.

At KO, Ms. Wang hopes to continue this style of teaching to educate her students about Asian culture and guide them to accept views different from their own. “I hope more students will get to know this language and this culture,” she said. 

Ms. Wang’s office has been transformed into a center for international students, and she has enjoyed being able to help them adjust to KO. This year, KO has accepted 26 international students from across the globe. “I really hope everybody can give them support and help them settle down,” she said. Outside of KO, Ms. Wang likes to take pictures of her kids and play badminton and volleyball.

Ms. Wang is thankful to KO for helping make her transition a flawless one. Director of Theater Kyle Reynolds was assigned as her mentor, and he has helped her navigate adjusting to a new environment, which Ms. Wang is really grateful for. “I feel like I have so much support,” she said. We are so excited to have Ms. Wang on campus, and we send her a warm welcome!