Fashionista of the Month: Kaiya Deurloo


Senior Kaiya Deurloo, a friendly face on campus, is always seen sporting the latest trends. She takes the time to plan out her outfits each day and is creative when it comes to putting them together. Everything from the bag on her shoulder to the shoes on her feet is taken into consideration as Kaiya picks out her look for the day. 

At school, Kaiya tends to dress in preppy clothing, which can be characterized by a neat and elegant look. As brands have gone in and out of style, so has the definition of what it means to wear “preppy” clothing. The preppy style has gone from a more sophisticated, professional look to a more casual, chic look. Things like floral patterns, stars, and lightning bolts have taken the place of the once-preppy sailboats and pink whales. 

Kaiya likes to shop at stores like Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, and Forever 21, but she doesn’t necessarily prefer one over the other. “I am not 100% sure what my favorite brand is, as I shop and wear so many different brands,” she said, “but I would say American Eagle or Pacsun are two of my favorites because they really sell clothes that fit multiple styles and aesthetics.” She also likes to shop online at places like Princess Polly, Shein, Beginning Boutique, and more. 

Kaiya prefers wearing neutral colors, but she also likes to add in florals and pops of color during the warmer months. She also always tries to wear colors that make her look tan whenever she can, so light blues, whites, and hot pinks are common sights in her wardrobe. 

During the school week, Kaiya tends to wear mostly dresses and skirts, and on the weekends, she likes to wear loungewear around the house. Kaiya is always very strategic in her outfit planning and tries not to repeat outfits often. “I like to switch it up, whether that be changing a piece of clothing or adding new accessories,” she said. “I always like to have something unique and different on.” Kaiya likes to wear lots of fun earrings as a statement to elevate her style. When it gets colder, Kaiya will add a coat or sweater but still tends to wear skirts. 

Kaiya considers herself a trendsetter. “I try to stay in tune with the latest trends so they may not be super popular yet and then help make them more popular,” she said. Kaiya says that her main inspiration for her clothing comes from senior Olivia Kittleman, as well as other small influencers on social media. 

Kaiya notes that she tries to shop on a budget but also candidly admits she does have a bit of a shopping problem. “Almost every single work paycheck goes into new clothing purchases each week, so I don’t recommend that,” she said. 

Kaiya encourages people not to overthink their outfits. “If you think your outfit looks good, it probably does,” she said. 

Kaiya is super passionate about fashion and encourages everyone to be creative in their style and use it as a way to express themselves both on and off the KO campus.